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Friday Fiction - Decisions

Something very much out of the blue for me today, thanks to Erin Leary’s curious photo.  I normally keep my personal life out of my writing, but we’re deep in the throes of a difficult decision and this story (story? 157 more words


This might make you a bit jealous

Of all the smug utterances at the expat-in-Canada’s disposal, “we’re going to Whistler” has to be among the most powerful. It’s the ultimate weapon in your bombastic armoury, the Mario mushroom of envy provoking power ups. 797 more words


Converging to Diversity

The English language gets a bad rap. It’s hard to learn, the “rules” are inconsistent and frequently broken, it’s got so many irregular verbs that the regular verbs are living in a small enclave and battening down the hatches to avoid the onslaught, and that’s before we even get started on the idiom. 169 more words


The Real Piccolo

Last Friday I wrote an extract from the story I want to write next – currently known as Piccolo’s Tale. The Friday Fictioneers are always kind and supportive, but this time I was really overwhelmed by how everyone rallied around the little lost cat, and by how many fellow cat lovers I have connected with through this group. 750 more words


Excuses, excuses and a little life update!

I wanted to apologise for the fact that my attentions have been distracted recently. I’ve tried to keep up with blogging and, just as importantly, reading other people’s blogs, but I know it’s slipped down the priority list and sometimes off the bottom. 332 more words

British Expat In Canada

Divided by a common language

They say that English is one of the most difficult languages in the word to learn, just ask the Americans! My linguistic skills have never been much good and I am in awe of anyone who can pick up new languages with ease, because for me it’s an uphill struggle and one I’ve never truly mastered. 562 more words


It's Friday, but not Fiction

As I’m away and unable to play with the Friday Fictioneers this week, I thought I’d practise posting about my adventures in Canada. Thanks to all those who encouraged me to do so in response to my post ( 446 more words