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Messy withdrawal
was a successful surprise
because help groundswelled


Dunkirk ~ Escape to Victory

On the 26th of May 1940 Operation Dynamo commenced ~ the Miracle of Dunkirk

History provides many examples of the British Army being asked to operate under appalling handicaps by the politicians responsible for British policy….. 

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Entering The Lead Painters League season 12

These last few weeks I have not posted anything here on my painting blog, as I have been busy with real life and have chosen to enter the Lead Painters League season 12 on the… 693 more words


Research Notes - The Great War (7) The British Expeditionary Force

I’m researching The Great War for my current work in progress: a historical novel set during that time. To write the period accurately, I’ve been reading and studying the war and the surrounding events.

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Perfidious Little Belgium

The New York Times in its review of The Darkest Hour refers to the film makers’ sham populism which is at its most evident when showing Churchill riding the London Underground and meeting The People (a motley mass of stiff upper lips and misty eyes). 472 more words

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The True and Tragic Adventures of Dr. Laura E. Forster

As Dr Laura Elizabeth Forster stood on the platform at London’s Victoria Station, she must have pondered with some amusement the fuss from bystanders over the departure of her medical unit’s doctors and nurses for the war front. 452 more words

A policeman's widow

The widow of a policeman who had been recalled to the army was allowed to keep her special allowance from the police force for a period after her husband’s death. 110 more words

Life On The Home Front