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British Gas ‘Price Freeze’ content marketing campaign


British Gas was one of my key clients at an agency I used to work with in 2011-2012 in the UK. I worked with their corporate team to create a content strategy around a seasonal offering from British Gas – an offer that allowed customers to freeze their gas prices for the year at a static amount and pay the same amount each month, rather than have to deal with price fluctuations. 394 more words

Content Strategy

Conning the public

Iain Conn is the Chief Executive of Centrica, the parent company of British Gas. Before joining the company, he was the Chief Executive of British Petroleum. 428 more words


Privatisation isn't working?

Former Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan described Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation programme as “selling off the family silver”. The argument in favour was that government run services were inefficient and introducing market competition would increase efficiency. 1,588 more words

Energy Price Hikes: Harnessing The Power

The recent news that energy prices are increasing yet again has lead to feelings of anger which luckily can now be harnessed to power our electronic devices! 119 more words


Knock-on Effect - Just Business?

The Metro free newspaper in London yesterday presented headline front page news of British Gas’s intention to raise domestic electricity tariffs by 12.9% – way above inflation. 71 more words

British Gas Price Rise 'Unjustifiable' As Tories U-Turn On Another Pledge

Households up and down the country received the news today that British Gas, one of the ‘Big 6’ energy providers, is to raise it’s household prices by roughly 12.5%, despite wholesale, network and policy costs dropping by 9% since December of last year. 343 more words

Salvaging A Squandered Sunny Afternoon


The power cut we had experienced two evenings ago had alerted me to the fact that I did not know who supplied our electricity. 686 more words