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British Gas - Digital Winter

Digital Winter is a campaign to push online clicks during the cold winter months. The copy and the design were customized according to the different audience segments.

Software used: Photoshop.


British Gas - MERC

MERC is a monthly communication sent to the entire BG database, and heavily segmented. The structure is templated in way that it can be easily coded and last-minute changes can be made without losing precious time.

Software used: Photoshop.


Gassy Leaks And Movable Feasts

5th May 2018.

Son-of-Calcutta’s chuck-away snippet over a bowl of fries about Prof Swiggit’s travel plans had put me in a right pisser of a mood. 991 more words

British Gas - Creative review

I have been commissioned by the client to conduct a creative review on their new design guidelines that were recently published.

The aim was to advise the client on the best way to use the new graphic elements within emails, and to make sure customers were getting a satisfying experience from email communications. 9 more words


British Gas: "To Do" List

Wilbur the penguin returns for another charming British Gas ad.

This time the little fella is concerned with the state of his lengthy to-do list, which includes such enlightening items as ‘preen feathers’ and ‘life drawing’. 11 more words


It Never Rains But.......

…it snows !  Yes the new obvious ending to that old chestnut this week with the total chaos caused by the Beast From The East… 1,364 more words

UK's top energy supplier Centrica says cutting 4,000 jobs -- 17-percent drop in profits in 2017 due to a loss of customers


© AFP | British energy firm Centrica is to cut 4,000 jobs after profits fell 17 percent in 2017

LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s top energy supplier Centrica said Thursday it would cut 4,000 jobs by 2020 after announcing a 17-percent drop in profits in 2017 due to a loss of customers and poor performance in North America.”We expected the new programme to involve reduction in like-for-like headcount of around 4,000 by 2020,” the company, which employs around 33,000 people, said in a statement. 183 more words