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Push for an Australian Republic

Leaders of seven states and territories in Australia have come together in support of making Austrailia a Republic

On January 24th a nearly unanimous declaration of support for making Australia a Republic was made, the plans were formed by the Australian Republican Movement(ARM), nearly all of the political leaders in Australia now support the push for a newly declared republic. 185 more words


Shankill bombing overseen by British state agent

‘Even more revelations have came to light on the role of British agents in the North of Ireland’

In the years throughout ‘the troubles’ dirty tricks, deceptions, lies and manipulation were a common factor both within Loyalist and Republican circles, best example of this would be that of Freddie Scappateci code name Stake Knife. 696 more words

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How a Muslim-Jewish romance shaped one of India's biggest pharma firms

In 1992, the editor of The Times of India telephoned one of Mumbai’s most prominent businessmen—Yusuf K Hamied. The editor asked Yusuf, “as a Muslim leader”, his opinion on communal riots that were taking place in the city. 1,834 more words

British government pushing for secret court to handle Omagh bomb inquiry

A suspicious move by the British government once again reminds us of the systematic coverups of the shadowy operations in the North of Ireland, among other things. 277 more words


Leave The Soldiers Alone Lawyers

I contacted my MP about the current spate of greedy lawyers trying to sue British soldiers and, in many cases, trying for convictions, in pursuit of profit. 320 more words

The UK

(10/1/16) ARTICLE: The Tory Empire of Porn and Perversion

Did you know that British Prime Minister David Cameron is closely associated with Jewish pornographers and their families and that the entire British government is surrounded by a sickly aroma of smut and sleaze? 249 more words

Conservative Party

Ministers 'reconsider introducing tax on sugary drinks' to tackle obesity crisis

Ministers are reportedly considering introducing a tax on sugary drinks in order to tackle the UK’s obesity crisis.

The government is looking to ‘learn the lessons’ from a similar policy in Mexico, a Whitehall source said. 177 more words