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China scolds Britain, tells it not to meddle in Hong Kong’s affairs


China has warned the UK against interfering when it comes to Hong Kong, telling London that the affairs of its former colony belong to Beijing. 388 more words

Dodgy Russian sat nav almost led to diplomatic incident with UK

If the two Russians in this story were spies, they would surely be the worst in the world.

They caused a potential diplomatic incident with the UK when they landed at a top-secret military research facility when they had a problem with their sat nav. 351 more words


Tories plead with SNP to explain Brexit.

You couldn’t make it up,could you?

Tories are now asking the SNP to explain Brexit to them, and asking the Scottish Government to make it work! 1,756 more words

The School Debate

It amazes me that so many people are up in arms about Theresa May wanting to reintroduce grammar schools. Why, what is wrong with these people? 662 more words


Even Britain's new female prime minister can't escape manspreading

Theresa May became Britain’s newest prime minister in July, following the country’s shock vote to leave the European Union.

May then formed her cabinet to help her with the mammoth task of running the country while also simultaneously negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. 252 more words

There'll be a 'national consensus' on Brexit (unless you want to Remain)

The government is going to seek a ‘national consensus’ on Brexit, which is good news unless you want to Remain.

New Brexit Secretary David David addressed MPs in the House of Commons today in his first commons statement since his appointment to the role. 264 more words


UK now the world's second largest weapons dealer

Britain has been declared the second biggest arms dealer in the world – and the Middle East is its biggest customer.

Official government figures have found the US is the number one exporter of weapons in the world, closely followed by the UK at number two. 285 more words