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MPs vote that 'animals can't feel pain or emotion' as part of Brexit bill

MPs have voted to reject a bill that recognises that animals feel pain and emotion.

Affecting the EU Withdrawal Bill, the clause would have enshrined into UK law the recognition that animals feel pain and emotion, an admission currently covered by EU law. 452 more words


Philip Hammond claimed 'there are no unemployed people' in Britain

It appears the pressure may be getting to Philip Hammond ahead of this week’s Budget announcement.

The Chancellor appeared on The Andrew Marr show this morning to talk about housing and public sector jobs just days before he announces his economic plan for the country. 524 more words


Government could introduce a tax on plastic to reduce waste

Products made of plastic could be taxed to tackle waste in the UK.

The Government has hinted that single-use plastics such as packaging and polystyrene takeaway boxes will be hit with the levy, after the plastic bag tax proved so successful. 558 more words


NHS nurses say they can't sleep at night because of money worries

Worries about money after years of government pay cuts are keeping nurses up at night, a new poll suggests.

One in five nurses have said they can’t afford to pay their bills, according to the Royal College of Nursing survey. 591 more words


What Was Really Going On With PRITTI PATEL in Israel...?

It’s a story that seemed to suddenly blow up out of nowhere. And it resulted in Pritti Patel being called back from Nairobi to meet with the Prime Minister – after which she immediately resigned from office. 2,105 more words

Number 10 'knew about Priti Patel's visit but didn't want Foreign Office to know'

Priti Patel was today ordered to fly back to Britain by Theresa May after a series of unauthorised meetings.

The International Development Secretary’s future in the Cabinet Office is under threat following the disclosure that… 513 more words


A Jacob Rees-Mogg Premiership - The First 100 Days

By Dan Payne

After a swift and brutal leadership contest lasting 5 minutes, Theresa May was deposed as Prime Minister and replaced by the Honourable Member for Richbridge, Poshshire and Toffington-upon-Tweed (often mistaken for the Honourable Member for the 18th Century), one hitherto unheard of Jacob Rees-Mogg. 366 more words