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After #Brexit #FlorenceSpeech: Has Anything Changed?

This piece was written on September 24, 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech in Florence last Friday was designed to unlock the stalled Brexit negotiations between the European Union (EU) and the UK over an agreement on the departure of the UK from the EU. 1,451 more words


IRA Attack On Downing Street, Invoice Remains Unpaid

This news report is from 1991 and the IRA mortar bomb attack on Downing Street. As the British war cabinet was meeting to discuss the first war for oil in Iraq, they got a shock when mortars landed in the back garden and redesigned the entire space. 86 more words


Brexit really does mean #Brexit.... doesn’t it?

This blog was written on Fri Sept 15th.

UK  Prime Minister, Theresa May, is to fly to Florence next week to deliver a speech billed as an “important intervention” on the Brexit negotiations. 1,494 more words


Young people without jobs should do national service, Lord Tebbit argues

Young, unemployed people should be made to do national service, the former chairman of the Tory party Lord Tebbit has argued.

Norman Tebbit’s vision includes making 18 to 21-year-olds without a job take part in mandatory national service in the form of an international disaster relief force. 305 more words


#scrapthecap: What is the public sector pay cap that nurses are protesting?

Theresa May is facing pressure to scrap the 1% limit on public sector pay rises as thousands of nurses protested in Westminster.

Thousands of nurses and civil servants held demonstrations against the 1% pay cap outside Parliament on Wednesday. 335 more words


“Repeal and Replace”: Difficult to do on both sides of the Atlantic

Written Sunday September 3rd 2017:

“Repeal and replace” makes for a great political slogan. For Republicans in the US, who minted the phrase, it meant repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). 1,234 more words


Domestic abuse survivors will soon be able to vote anonymously

More domestic abuse survivors should be able to take part in elections thanks to new plans which will make registering to vote anonymously easier.

The changes will make the process more straightforward, potentially benefiting thousands of people who fear being tracked down by their abusers. 361 more words