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Rage against UK faith schools is really rage against the State

The British Humanist Association’s campaign to have state funded faith schools closed seems like a classic “won’t somebody think of the children!” moment, but from the perspective of individual liberty (within the confines of the UK’s democracy) it is troubling and even somewhat sinister. 1,878 more words


From the BHA: Murders of humanists in Bangladesh

Since February this year, when the humanist blogger Avijit Roy died in a machete attack in Dhaka, we’ve been doing everything in our power to raise awareness of the extremely difficult situation which Bangladeshi humanists find themselves in. 386 more words

Filming the British Humanist Association's Annual Conference 2015, Bristol 

On Friday 19th June, I travelled to Bristol, where the British Humanist Association were holding their Annual Conference. I have been a volunteer camera operator for the BHA for almost a year now, and was more than happy to help out on this occasion when they asked. 526 more words


Atheism must be about more than just not believing in god

Original post from The Conversation

‘…………By Patrick O’Connor, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy – English, Communications, Culture and Media at Nottingham Trent University

Atheism is so often considered in the negative: as a lack of faith, or a disbelief in god; as an essential deprivation. 831 more words


Opt-out organ donation is opting-out of liberty

By December 2015 every adult who lives and dies in Wales will be “treated as having no objection” to having their organs removed and donated to others by State hospitals. 1,374 more words


A tent in which to pass a summer’s night

‘Our highest truths are but half-truths;

Think not to settle down for ever in any truth.

Make use of it as a tent in which to pass a summer’s night, 1,916 more words


A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

On 12th March 2013 we lost a remarkable man; a man full of great optimism and humour who reached out to so many with his wonderful works of fantasy. 788 more words