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Day 85: Silver and Clouds

When I was little, there was this game I used to play. It was totally the most fun, most awesome, most British video game I’ve ever played. 668 more words

Tricks And Tools

Today was gray and overcast. The wind blew. It felt like November. I began digging the asparagus trench. This is something I’ve never grown before. Everyone shakes their head and says “oh that’s tricky”. 268 more words

Scrotal Recall Recap: Abigail

Note: This is a RECAP as in I will be restating the plot. If you don’t want the recap but just want to know what I think of the pilot, please skip to… 1,029 more words

Why I Love the British, Part 5

I’ve not added one of these posts for ages–shame on me, as there are so many reasons why I love the British, including the three I live with. 27 more words

Why I Love The British

Unconventional gardening: Saving Grace

As you already know, Interlaced Stories dedicates this month to tea and flowers. Without going too much off topic, the film I am going to talk about today focuses on a ‘special’ kind of plant: marijuana. 301 more words

REVIEWS: Hidden Pearls

Biscuit Rolling from Barnsley

This excerpt is from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions

In the UK there are many contests involving the humble biscuit, ranging from building competitions to throwing events. 243 more words