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Three Men In A Boat

Situation ला अगदी जिवंत करणारा विनोद From Three Men In A Boat.
Recommended. If you read it, you won’t forget the dog Montmorency. Ever. 1,163 more words

Inside Out

A Year in the Merde

It takes a gifted writer to turn Merde into gold. Stephen Clarke is such a writer. During his time in Paris, he put his misadventures in a Bridget Jones diary-style to paper. 451 more words

Book Review: The Inimitable Jeeves

For someone like me, to review the work of an author who has been credited for being ‘The funniest writer ever to put words to paper’ is like cracking a racist joke in front of Russel Peters ( 431 more words

Book Review

My Foreign Native Language

I enjoy discovering new words (well, new to me), especially those evocative of home or homesickness. Hireth and coddiwomple are two favourites. I recently heard another: … 264 more words

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Apostrophobia and Expat Fears

Perfection. It doesn’t exist. You know that, right? Not in a single geographical location. Not in writing. There’ll always be a compromise, an error, room for improvement. 349 more words

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Book review: The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4) by Adrian Plass

I began to write a review of this book after the first (and somewhat confusing) read. I had written a few paragraphs before I decided to read the book again—just to see if I would understand it better. 664 more words

Book Review


HER: “We always watch the stuff you want to watch. How come we never watch my movies?”

HIM: “That’s not fair. I try to find things I think you’ll like.The other night I recorded ‘The Wind and the Lion.’”

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