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Apostrophobia and Expat Fears

Perfection. It doesn’t exist. You know that, right? Not in a single geographical location. Not in writing. There’ll always be a compromise, an error, room for improvement. 349 more words

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Prank, boredom or tardiness?

Yesterday, I found this note under my door. Is this a prank, evidence of boredom (komkommertijd bij de Engelse politie?) or does this inquiry relate to when I was attacked in July 2007? 504 more words


Book review: The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4) by Adrian Plass

I began to write a review of this book after the first (and somewhat confusing) read. I had written a few paragraphs before I decided to read the book again—just to see if I would understand it better. 664 more words

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HER: “We always watch the stuff you want to watch. How come we never watch my movies?”

HIM: “That’s not fair. I try to find things I think you’ll like.The other night I recorded ‘The Wind and the Lion.’”

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Hireth-Tinted Glasses

I’ve just returned from a visit to England. I wore different glasses on this trip. Not rose-tinted—or is that hireth-tinted?—glasses, but realistic, magnifying, research glasses. I was on a mission to find answers to some important questions: Is Exmoor really the place my husband and I can live? 641 more words

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The Road to Little Dribbling

The Road to Little Dribbling, Bill Bryson

I believe I have mentioned once or twice that I will read anything Bill Bryson writes.  So when I saw… 840 more words

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