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Thoughts On The Table

Scratching the surface of a script is always a unique process. Because I’ve never spent so much time or effort on a script, it was verging on dread to think of these once unuttered thoughts being read aloud as words. 142 more words


From the ashes of Recognition...

Frame of Mind is born!

One of our biggest projects, Recognition, began back in November when the characters and idea were conceived. After beginning shooting on the script as it was then, the main location fell through. 41 more words

Short Film

Frame of Mind: Teaser Trailer 1

View the first teaser trailer for Frame of Mind below. Principal photography starts end of August.


Why can't I make you feel alive?

Hello folks, I wanted to share this short film with you guys as this is very special to me. I acted in the lead role and we are sending it for a few festivals now. 14 more words


Submarine (2011) - 3/5

A quirky, beautifully shot and stylized film whose content often borders on the regurgitation of annoying indie film tropes.  Still, it’s not a terrible movie, and the first third is actually rather brilliant in its own way, and often quite funny, even if I did occasionally have a hard time understanding what the heck the characters were saying to one another in those thick British accents. 406 more words

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