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Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

In honor of Jane Austen’s birth on December 16, 1775, I’m revisiting one of my favorite travel memories. In 2014, I visited the home where Jane lived in her last years. 642 more words

British Isles

Humor "What is it with british people and snow ?"

Although Piers brilliantly forecast the snow going further south giving a lovely surprise, even the 12 inches of show in the Breacons and the near 7 inches in High Wycombe are nothing. 102 more words

Climate Always Changes

A Lleyn time in Wales

On the way home

After much too short a time we made an early start for home, and in a much more relaxed frame of mind. 133 more words

6 Hot Destinations In The British Isles To Travel Shared by Mani Saba

Mani Saba is a travel lover who explored the British Isles. Mani Saba says many people travel to the British Isles but the many of them miss the outstanding beauty. 24 more words

Mani Saba

A Lleyn time in Wales

Port Merion to Caernarfon

I must just mention Port Meirion – what a find. I have to say that I half expected it to be a bit “plastic”, a bit too imitation Italy, but I was wrong. 181 more words

Unexpected meetings #2: Magic Carpets

The second in a new series of blog posts that draws connections between objects in the Ashmolean Museum’sĀ Imagining the DivineĀ exhibition. Katherine Cross examines three intricate carpet pages from holy manuscripts: from a Gospel, a Quran, and a Torah. 658 more words