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The IWA (GB), Indian Communists & the AIC

In many accounts of the Left in Britain there are few references to the work of national minority communists. Certainly in London there was awareness – and occasionally organisational recognition – of significant first generation – Greek Cypriot and Kurdish and Turkish – communist forces operated within their communities and the labour movement. 8,274 more words


Momentum Crisis: The Steering Group Majority Answers Critics - some comments.

What Kind of New Politics? 

I am a difficult position commenting on the crisis of Momentum.

Not a member, but sympathetic to its broad direction, not with a card, but knowing many of the people involved in the dispute, in some cases for many years.. 1,631 more words

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Momentum in Crisis?

We publish this without detailed comment.

We welcomed – in broad terms – the creation of Momentum and note that it played a very positive role in trying to win support for a left-wing campaign to vote Remain in the European Referendum. 2,914 more words

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Referendum spots from London’s Far Left scene

Belated but for the record……

There was an anti-European Union campaign group dubbed Lexit set up following a meeting in London in April 2016. According to a… 4,718 more words

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The Past, The Present and Progress (Anticipations Magazine, Summer 2016)

A nation is a group of individuals who have found a community in the shared interest of a specific geographical location. As time progresses this groups actions become the basis of their history, which they often use in order to explain how their current situation came about. 558 more words

23. Taking Sides: arguments about the war

Taking Sides was written in 1984 as a discussion document for a group of activists attempting to build Irish solidarity activities in a small town in the Midlands. 27 more words