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A victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership race could bring about a realignment of British politics

Jeremy Corbyn looks set to win the Labour leadership election, despite initially being pegged as a no-hope also-ran. The conservative right are cheering him on, seeing the Islington North MP as ushering in a period of Conservative Party hegemony. 1,510 more words

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Troops Out Movement and the possibility of withdrawal: May 1974 - December 1975

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TOM and the possibility of withdrawal: May 1974 – December 1975 

The British government published a white paper in March 1973 which proposed the creation of a devolved power-sharing assembly in Northern Ireland. 4,001 more words

Troops Out Movement, 1973-1977 - Contents Page and Introduction

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Jacob Murphy, ‘Ireland’s tragedy is Britain’s disgrace’: The Troops Out Movement campaign for the withdrawal of the British Army from Northern Ireland, 1973-1977,  2,394 more words

Any Hope (for the British) Left? 8 Positives from the 2015 Election

In the UK, us left-wingers were dealt a devastating blow last week with the election of a Conservative government for the next 5 years. The proverbial dust has settled, but is this little more than glitter on a turd? 544 more words


The British Left Just Came Roaring Back to Life

A very well written summary from Bradley Allsop.

The British Left Just Came Roaring Back to Life.

Thanks Bradley for a great summary of how things are going for the left in Britain today.

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Crocodile tears over victims of the Ukrainian crisis: Russian propaganda exhibition opens in London

On 21 August 2014, a charity exhibition of photographs by RIA Novosti journalists depicting the victims of the crisis in the East of Ukraine opened in central London. 1,565 more words

Is Great Britain now an Anti-Imperialist country?

By all honest accounts the British establishment has visited war, carnage, slavery, genocide, terrorism, imperialism, colonialism, impoverishment, starvation and concentration camps on mankind over the last four hundred years. 1,824 more words

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