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Battle of Megiddo

The Battle of Megiddo was fought from 19 to 25 September 1918. It was the climactic battle of the Sinai and Palestine campaign of World War One (1914-18). 661 more words


A Visit to the Rockefeller

In my many trips to Jerusalem, I have never visited the Rockefeller Museum. Today I had my chance as one of the members of our group wanted to visit it. 349 more words


The Crux of the Arab-Israel Conflict, Part I

Most of the protests over the Arab Israel Conflict, now reestablished by the Arabs after numerous failures to destroy Israel, starting around the turn of the Twentieth Century in 1901, even before Israel had been founded and as the first Jews began returning even before the Balfour Declaration, have claimed that Israeli intransigence is the cause of the continuing conflict. 2,322 more words


Being Jewish: the reminder

Atlit, the British Mandate internment camp – and a serious blot on British history (photo: Vic Lennard Aboudara).

Sooner or later, someone will remind you that you’re Jewish. 994 more words

The Legality of the existence of the State of Israel -then, as now

Ninety nine years ago this April, on April 24 1920, at San Remo, the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers, consisting of Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan, agreed to approve the Balfour Declaration of Nov 2, 1917. 614 more words


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[caption id="attachment_12782" align="aligncenter" width="399"]https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/images/mandate1.gif Map of the Jewish National Home as determined by the San Remo Conference of 1920 (Jewish Virtual Library)[/caption] The following article by "Alan in Australia" is a thorough and excellently researched piece about the legal basis for the foundation and existence of the State of Israel as the Jewish homeland. There is so much delegitimization of the very existence of the State of Israel that sadly, even over 70 years after Israel gained its independence, it is still necessary to reiterate these important facts, not only to put the antisemites in their place, but also to educate the ignorant, of whom there are too many, about the righteousness of Israel's cause and existence. Go and read.

Should Ireland's Mandate To Rule Over The UK Be Exercised Directly Or Indirectly?

Her Britannic Majesty having accepted the terms imposed upon the United Kingdom today by Ireland, the question remains: should Ireland exercise its Mandate to rule indirectly? 73 more words

A Palestinian State Has Never Existed

There has never been a Palestinian state. The name came from the Romans after they defeated the Jews and destroyed the Temple. They named the “area” (which was not a state or country of itself) as an offense to the Jews because of the Philistines, Israel’s Biblical nemesis. 316 more words

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