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Ch7 Pt2 Sarafand, Palestine and Watermelon

It was borne upon me as time went on that throughout the Christian era, the Jews had had an incredibly hard time, most particularly in Europe. 2,037 more words

Armenian Pottery in Jerusalem

It’s a Jerusalem story involving the British, Armenian Christians, and Moslems.  In the 1920’s the British facilitate the return to Jerusalem of Armenian Christian ceramic artists in order to renovate the Moslem Dome of the Rock. 613 more words


Steimatzky's Palestine Guide by Zev Vilnay, published in London and printed in Palestine, 1935 (first English edition)

This first edition of Steimatzky’s Palestine Guide was published by George Philip and Son, London, but printed in Palestine by Azriel Press, Jerusalem.  It is a comprehensive guide for the tourist of the 1930s to the British Mandate of Palestine.  149 more words


A Visit to the Rockefeller

In my many trips to Jerusalem, I have never visited the Rockefeller Museum. Today I had my chance as one of the members of our group wanted to visit it. 349 more words


The Crux of the Arab-Israel Conflict, Part I

Most of the protests over the Arab Israel Conflict, now reestablished by the Arabs after numerous failures to destroy Israel, starting around the turn of the Twentieth Century in 1901, even before Israel had been founded and as the first Jews began returning even before the Balfour Declaration, have claimed that Israeli intransigence is the cause of the continuing conflict. 2,322 more words