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Sounds Familiar

“Sounds like the noise a deer makes when it is being slaughtered.” – Prince Albert (Tom Hughes), after being awakened by the sound of bagpipes while on holiday in Scotland, Victoria


The Queen Opens Up On Wearing The Crown | Royal Reviewer (YouTube)

 In this video we will be taking a look at The Queen as she speaks candidly about wearing the crown jewels and attending her own Coronation. 203 more words

Turbo Facts: Royalty & Nasty Signs

Many elevators in Denmark have a button labeled ‘I fart’, which translates as ‘In motion’. When Queen Elizabeth II visited in 1960, strips of tape were used to cover these buttons in any elevators she used.



Turbo Facts: William 'The Conqueror' Explodes!

When William the Conqueror died his funeral was delayed for several days. By the time they laid him to rest his body was too bloated from decay to fit in his tomb.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II – Accession Portait

A further celebration of the Accession of Her Majesty, The Queen, on this the 66th year of her reign. God save The Queen! And may our gracious Lord grant her continued health and long life! 127 more words

God save The Queen! On the 66th anniversary of her Accession to the Throne

Today is the 66th anniversary of the Accession of Her Majesty. Always a bittersweet day for the Queen, coming as it did as a result of the death of her dear father, His Late Majesty King George VI, aged only 56. 139 more words

Did the 1953 coronation represent a unique moment of consensus and inclusion in British national life?

In 1953, Elizabeth II was crowned as Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The impact of the coronation on the British public has been widely debated by historians. 2,620 more words