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What to Expect When You're Expecting Royalty

I can’t believe it is already time to begin preparing for the second royal baby! Time has flown by! It feels like just yesterday that I was up at 4 am to watch William and Kate get married. 854 more words

Duchess Of Cambridge

The truth On Princess Beatrice's Holidaying- 5 vacations

I usually refrain from commenting on her personal life, but  this is  whole bea is a vacation addict is getting ridiculous. I’m not saying she doesn’t like her vacations, because she does. 192 more words

Princess Beatrice

Elizabeth, Queen of England

When you are born in a country which was a British colony for many years, you obviously are intrigued by the British monarchy being run by a Queen and not a King which is typical.   132 more words


The dodgy ‘Duke of Cornwall’ and his dirty dealings

Renewed focus on the “Duke of Cornwall” and his so-called “human rights” – Following a British Supreme Court ruling that the correspondence of the Prince of Wales to government must be released, the Kernow branch of the Celtic League assert that the activities of his estate in Cornwall should also come under focus, and they want people to get involved. 1,180 more words


'An heir and a spare' - Famous British royal second-born siblings

It’s not always the heir to the throne that makes the headlines in royal history. Many famous royals have been the heir’s brother or sister. Here’s a look at famous second-born siblings within the British monarchy that grew-up to wind up being famous for other reasons outside of their noble blood: 705 more words


"Rather not try to climb those" - the walls of Buckingham Palace Gardens in London, UK

London, UK, images, the British Monarchy, the Royal Family, estate, the walls of Buckingham Palace Gardens facing Grosvenor Place; boundaries, demarkation, security, intruders, protection, deterrents, walls, brick walls, anti-vandalism paint, spikes, electric fences, barbed wire 13 more words


Polly Toynbee - "Britain mourns a monster – because he was a king. Richard III’s burial was absurd" | Comment is free | The Guardian

“It’s comical, but tragic too, as a reminder of the indignity the British accept in their accustomed role as subjects, not citizens. Here are church, royalty and army revering a child-killing, wife-slaughtering tyrant who would be on trial if he weren’t 500 years dead. 106 more words