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Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, July 30, 2015

Tune in for our weekly Q&A dialogue with Mr. LaRouche. Have a question? Call our national center at 800-929-7566 to get on the next call live, or write your question in the YouTube comments section and we’ll get them to our host, John Ascher.

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LPAC Policy Committee with Lyndon LaRouche · July 27, 2015

Look at the world economic system clearly. Money values are worthless, super high-speed trading and complex mathematical derivatives products are not economic value. Tune in today as we discuss a world without the oppression of the British Monarchy.

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The British Empire Is Crumbling, The Way Is Clear for a New Global Era

The British Empire system is continuing to collapse under the weight of the implosion of its financial system.  Now it is time to put together a new system that is free of deductive mathematics. 1,953 more words

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The Manhattan Project: Town Hall Q&A Event with Lyndon LaRouche, July 25, 2015 (including transcript)

Lyndon LaRouche returns to Manhattan! As the epicenter of culture, politics and economics of the nation, LPAC is hosting regular Town Hall events every Saturday in Manhattan featuring a live Q&A session with Mr. 12,470 more words

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All Fail the Queen!

1820’s – 1870 saw a Britain highly provincialized (105). Late 1820’s to 1914, Victoria stepped away from politics. While other Euro royalty was trying to assert real power, the English Crown simply asserted ceremony (w/out the power); “the premiere cavalcade of impotence” (121). 414 more words


Why Are Americans So Fascinated with the Monarchy?

Members of Republic, the lobbying group calling for the abolition of the British monarchy and its replacement with an elected head of state, often express bewilderment over the American fascination with the Royal Family. 653 more words

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Tony Blair Signals British Monarchy Breakdown Crisis

The discredited Tony Blair’s sudden re-emergence today in a bitter televised attack on the potential next leader of Britain’s Labour Party, may be the next shoe falling in a British Monarchy breakup crisis, after furor arising from exposure of film of the British royals giving Nazi salutes in the 1930s. 705 more words

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