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Trespass Against Us

“I can’t live like this no more. I can’t do it. I’ve had enough.” 337 more words



Wetherby examines psychological and moral issues that are of interest to me, and it does so in a way that acknowledges their complexity and ambiguity. Yet it never drew me in more than modestly. 794 more words


Red Riding: 1983

Red Riding: 1983 is the third film of the Red Riding made-for-TV British cop drama trilogy set in a fictitious riding (a “riding” is an administrative unit like a county) in Yorkshire in the north of England. 473 more words


Red Riding: 1980

Red Riding: 1980 is the second made-for-TV British film in the Red Riding trilogy. The films are fictional, though they incorporate elements of real life. They are cop dramas, set in Yorkshire. 539 more words


Red Riding: 1974

Red Riding was first broadcast as a UK made-for-TV trilogy of movies. The three movies are cop dramas set in Yorkshire in northern England. A “riding” is a governmental administrative unit, like a county. 1,670 more words


Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee

Ever since the classic This Is Spinal Tap, mockumentaries have frequently chosen pop musicians as their subject matter. Just as far as films I happen to have written about, there’s… 1,023 more words


Bachelor Games

I would have thought that putting a child in hospital whilst high on coke might have made you grow up a bit!

Year Released : 2016… 850 more words

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