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"We Torked and torked unteel it wos light..."

“…why doa feel dis payen, I fought we torked eet aht.” The most Cockney band ov em all, guv. They showed us a good music vid did not need to cost an arm or a leg. 69 more words


35 Day Music Challenge - Day 4

A Song That Is Often Stuck In My Head: Shack – ‘Mood Of The Morning’

I did say that it was likely Shack would feature heavily throughout this challenge! 198 more words

35 Day Music Challenge

Introducing: VALUES

British metal music is in a hell of a good place right now, and you can add to the ever-evolving mix the brutally heavy sound of Leeds rockers… 467 more words


Introducing: Neon Dolls

If you were asked to describe why you love rock music, what would you say? My hunch is that Leeds rockers Neon Dolls’ depiction of themselves as “loud guitars, distorted bass and thunderous drums and an awesome singer” would be bang on the money. 581 more words


Another Scary Song

Just when you thought it was safe to check out the next post. Kate hits the fear bone again. The longer album version is creepier because of a delayed reaction gong sound at the end.

Granny Smith's Juke Box

Spine Chilling Kate

Maybe she was channeling a pure energy: ethereal, luminous, poetic, feminine, the eternal child, adolescent sexuality and more. She became the song, she was the dance. 22 more words


A Little Warped- Part 3

I’m very excited for the third edition of A Little Warped!

The featured artists are Fire From The Gods, and The Gospel Youth. 459 more words

A Little Warped