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5 Tracks you need to hear this week (04/07/15)

Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? 436 more words

British Music

In their words /// India Mill on 'In Motion'

There’s something perfectly British about India Mill’s new track ‘In Motion’. The song is driven by relentless energy and beautiful melody which together make it an affair extraordinary and catchy. 444 more words

British Music

Why Little Mix Are Better Than The Spice Girls: And any other UK based girl group

A touchy subject? Probably. With the popularity of girl groups over the years such as the world renowned Spice Girls and the hugely successful Girls Aloud these two girl groups have become known as two of the best British made girl groups in history but is it right to give them such acclaim? 1,779 more words

Independent outlook /// Muse 'Drones' [Album] 2015

Sci-fi virtuosi Muse are in the pantheon of those great bands whose every record is a big event in the world of music. These musicians are not scared to tread unfamiliar sonic territories but at the same time they manage to stay true to themselves and their trademark sound. 762 more words

British Music


23rd of July 2011 will forever be in my memory. For starters, it was the day I finally managed to get myself a laptop after getting a huge tax rebate from the government. 1,866 more words


Face to face with Brian Southall

The Hollies played a huge part in the shaping of UK music. Thus said, it’s astonishing that their first ever biography has been written only recently. 777 more words

British Music

Featured song /// Foals 'What Went Down' [Single] 2015

Eerie and unearthly have always been the second names of the music Foals make. Three albums in and their art of surreal music soundscapes has reached its top with the hint at even greater depth of the band’s talent and  more out-of-this world melodies in the pipeline. 221 more words

British Music