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Schools Evacuated In Central England Following Bomb Threats

Police were sent to secure five of the most prestigious schools in Paris after bomb threats were phoned in, and British police said they were probing threats at 14 schools in central England believed to be “false and malicious” . 198 more words


Waste of money....

Vast sums of money have been completely wasted on financing the security services in the UK.  Jihadi Sid, currently terrorising Syria, had a history of extremist tendencies, even appearing on TV news programs spouting his perverse ideoligy. 159 more words

Britain's Cost Savings Efforts Could Lessen Security at Airports

World | Fri Dec 4, 2015 4:29am EST

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A British Army Scimitar armoured vehicle is shown patrolling Terminal 4 of London’s Heathrow Airport in this file photograph dated February 11, 2003. 920 more words

After Paris, police are being retrained to kill terrorists instead of negotiate with them

The Paris attacks were horrific. And the police are changing their tactics to deal with violent incidents and the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

In Britain, officers are now being trained to “go forward” to confront terrorists.  424 more words

Because of Paris? | "Von wegen Paris"

Mein Kommentar in der taz bezüglich neuer Sicherheitskräfte und Gelder für die britischen Nachrichtendienste, während im gleichen Zug bei der Polizei stark eingespart wird.

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Omit this from your story at your peril - PPE

PPE not PPI is the acronym under discussion here.

Every police officer is equipped with PPE, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment. When responding to an incident, particularly if it is expected to be of a violent nature, the control room or the officer’s supervisor will ask the attending officer if they have possession of their “full PPE.”  Generally they will be in possession of the whole lot so they can minimise the risk of injury to themselves and facilitate the arrest of a violent offender. 405 more words

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