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What they won’t tell you about the causes of the Riots in British Cities in Summer 2011 – Part 2

Ok, so it’s pretty apparent that Gorilla doesn’t think much about the style of policing in the UK right now,

so lets focus upon every pseudo-Nazi wannabe fascist storm troopers wet dream – AKA Stop and Search. 1,574 more words

Life-Changing Events

In the spirit of continuing our discussion of the British “riots”, Jonathan Simon has an interesting post that I think echoes many of the things that came up in our own discussion.  58 more words


Simple Gamers #11- Extended Moondog

Simple Gamers Episode 11

We abandon Toby and the world of Australian gaming for a time to enjoy the company of Trent and the latest in American Bungie employee combat, Skyrim, The fall of Team Bondi, Those damn Brits rioting, The incredible Deus Ex:Human Revolution, and why the Old Republic is Homophobic. 174 more words

Simple Gamers

Myth Busting- UK Muslims fight to maintain British social order during the UK riots

US Islamophobes have always pointed to the situation in Europe as an indication of what could happen to us here in America.  Specifically they want to say that the plague Muslims have brought upon places like Germany or Britain will eventually end up infesting the American republic.  1,266 more words

Is Self Defense a Natural Right?

Natural rights are those “unalienable rights endowed upon us by our creator” and have their genesis in universal natural law. They are to be distinguished from legal rights that emanate from man-made legal institutions, such as government. 1,119 more words

Government And Politics

Of Guns, Blackberries, Curries And A Chart Topping Song

What do flash mobs, a song climbing up the pop charts, political unrest and technology all have in common. Well, I’m not sure myself but I’m aiming to kinda of link them all here. 1,124 more words

Society & The Community

Christopher Hitchens: The English tradition of gratuitous violence

I realized that the collapse of British society into a Hobbesian nightmare of mutual predation and despair was still some distance off when I caught two little straws in the wind. 1,070 more words

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