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Charity Begins, a Radio Script Series, Episode One

I have worked for a local charity for seven years, five as a volunteer and two as a member of staff. Being a fan of British sitcoms, I soon began to question why no one had written a sitcom set in a charity shop. 324 more words

Charles Heathcote

It's Time to Get "VICIOUS!"

I discovered British sitcom VICIOUS last summer on my local PBS station and I immediately fell in love with this sharp and biting sitcom.

The story centers on Stuart (Derek Jacobi) and Freddie (Ian McKellen) partners who have been together over 48 years. 405 more words


Obscure Topics: The Meat to this Blog's Sandwich

So, intro over. Still with me? More fool you…

Nah, jokes. Thank you for sticking with the program. I’ll try and do my best.

I figure before actually giving you anything of particular substance*1 I’d give you a bit of a “Who the hell is this guy?” run-down. 558 more words

Cure For The Obscure

The IT Crowd: Douglas Falls In Love

This is one of my favorite IT Crowd episodes called “The Speech“. It has at least two HILARIOUS threads running through the episode, this being one of them. 12 more words

The IT Crowd

Three things British Comedy Sitcoms can learn

British Situational comedies have evolved over the years but many at the moment just do not hit the mark. This is down to three elements that comedy writers and producers need to take note of if sitcoms are to continue to be a part of our televisual comedy future. 403 more words


IT, Books, Space

There are many TV shows (and movies) out there in the vastness of the television world that comprises of ensembles that either seem to have been written by Joss Whedon or butchered by Michael Bay. 1,223 more words

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