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Snowboarders: Street kids of the snow world or just treated like it

So technically I can’t complain, writing this blog I’m sat in 30 degrees heat with a beautiful view of the Pyrenees …but I swear those snowcapped mountains are taunting me slightly and the fact my chances of getting hayfever for 2 months are that much slimmer in the mountains, it only makes me want the snow more (seriously the summer so far has been very snotty!). 951 more words

My new vid 2011

This was filmed at my trip to Bad Gastein, Flachuawinkl in Austria and Laax, Switzerland.


Pro Snowboarder Johno Verity is Stoked to be British

1. Hometown?

Chamonix France for the Winter, North Devon in the summer

2. What does it mean to be British?

Hopefully the ability to take the piss out of yourself. 786 more words

Tim Lloyd is a Talented British Photographer: He Lives & Breathes Snow



I’m born and raised in Chester, the northwest of England.

When did you start capturing snowboarding images professionally?

I’m a relatively new guy in the industry having only been taking photos for a couple of seasons now… 569 more words