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Short Sunderland

The large, graceful Sunderland was among World War II’s best flying boats. Because it bristled with armament, the Germans regarded it as the “Flying Porcupine.” 2,755 more words


Ightham Mote

For peace and tranquility deep in the Kent countryside, Ightham Mote is the place to be. With countless of stories to tell, there’s lots to discover and plenty of space to relax. 211 more words


Artist of the moment.......Street Artist King Robbo

King Robbo was a world renown British street artist and painter. King Robbo was born in England in the year 1969.

King Robbo was renown for painting a flower created of many peace signs. 214 more words

Let's begin...

I have never written any blogs before and had no interest in it. But, while I was browsing through the internet about mixed marriage, I found that most of the writing about mixed marriage were written by women. 96 more words


British Humour

Sarah Waseem, London

British humour is hard to define but it is what makes us quintessentially British- that mix of irony, sarcasm, understatement and self-deprecation, each asserting itself in subtle flavours like strawberries and cream, at once sweet and yet tart. 347 more words

Great Rock Albums of 1984: Roger Waters- The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking

Proof how sometimes initial impressions can be misguided. While Pink Floyd have continued on strong since Roger Waters departed the band and it’s been said that Roger’s career hasn’t exactly flourished, (that’s a matter for debate), things seemed a lot different in 1984. 661 more words


El Alamein Sherman - Part 3: Primer

This kit was one of my shelf queens for the past five years (as I have just figured out based on the date of my last post about it on this blog). 293 more words