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Happy independence day! <3

The essence of our freedom had its roots deeply dug in the soil of history which was cultivated with the spilling of innocent blood. The fruit of freedom which we enjoy today is very expensive but the sad part is that many people are not able to understand its price. 231 more words

Plain Thought

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'To Make the Deaf Hear'

To Make the Deaf Hear.

‘Friends I tell you today that if my marriage takes place in the slave-India, my bride shall be only death. The Baraat will take the form of a funeral procession and the Baraatis will be the martyrs of the country.’ – Bhagat Singh… 614 more words



(Photo by Adrian Brodie…Didcot railway Centre, UK, April 5, 2014…posted by him on  http://photos.greatrails.net/showpic/?photo/ )

Britishers gave up beer

To finance the Tornado here… 17 more words

Daily Life

80 DR Slabs likely for RBI Pensioners from Feb 14

The monthly Consumer Price Index numbers (Base 2001=100) for the months of July 2013 to Dec 2013 are as under:

July-13  Aug-13   Sept-13 Oct-13 Nov-13 Dec-13  235  237  238    241  243 … 190 more words


Ticking off the Taj

At last: the sun is finally winning its battle with the smog in Delhi, and I’m astonished at how quickly the temperature is changing. Rewind to the 5th of January, when I landed in India wrapped up in my North Face jacket and sheepskin gloves, and was STILL cold (mind you, I was hungover, which never helps)… and yet within two weeks I was happily pottering around in shorts and t-shirts at the weekends.  1,810 more words