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I did not want to exercise this morning... But I did anyway

I signed up to take a hot Pilates class, and 30 minutes before the class began, I was still in bed. Snuggling the kitties and enjoying the lazy morning, I debated on cancelling my plans. 461 more words


Οι γιοι της Britney Spears απαθανάτισαν σε ένα βίντεο τη μαμά τους να κάνει κάτι που δε θα τη φανταζόσασταν ποτέ να κάνει!

Τον περασμένα Σεπτέμβριο είχαμε δει τους δύο άτακτους γιούς της Britney Spears να τρομάζουν την ανυποψίαστη μαμά τους, και τώρα τα δύο διαβολάκια “χτύπησαν” και πάλι με τον ίδιο μπαμπέσικο τρόπο, όμως αυτή τη φορά η είδηση δεν είναι το ότι απαθανάτισαν τη διάσημη ποπ σταρ να τινάζεται από την τρομάρα της, αλλά το ότι την απαθανάτισαν να μαγειρεύει σα μια κοινή θνητή μανούλα. 23 more words


A thing about Britney Spears (or Max Martin)

My big gripe with pop music (or at least one of my big gripes) is that it tends to be in 4/4 (basically always) and major keys (a lot of the time). 167 more words

On May 16 Eminem released "The Real Slim Shady"...

On May 16, 2000 Eminem released the hit single, “The Real Slim Shady.”

The single, taken from Eminem’s third album, “The Marshall Mathers LP,” was used by Eminem to critique the manufactured pop stars and songs (according to his views) that were popular at the time of the single’s release, as well as various social causes that were in the limelight (e.g. 254 more words


Watch Britney's Kids Scare The Heck Out Of Her [VIDEOS]

LOL! Poor Britney has got some pranksters on her hands. Watch her two boys scare the heck of her…

Britney’s sons, 10-year-old Jayden and 11-year-old Sean, took her phone and scared the ‘you-know-what’ out of her! 68 more words


Comparative Socialite Studies: Paris Hilton and the Dawn of a New Era


Welcome to your new course: Comparative Socialite Studies (Pop Culture – 2101). In today’s lecture, we cover Ms. Paris Hilton, the original celebutante! We examine her meteoric rise to fame, her alarming malice, and the genius that created an empire. 47 more words