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Britons confident in May Brexit deal

British voters are becoming more confident that Prime Minister Theresa May will secure the right deal on Brexit in talks with 27 other members of the European Union, according to an ORB poll published on May, 12, 2017. 175 more words


Why Is England Called England?

Why is England called England? “England” means “the land of the Angles.” It is not named for the country’s jagged coastline but for some of the people who live there. 380 more words


The Dark Ages

The term ‘Dark Ages’ refers to the time also known as the Early Medieval (or ‘Early Historic’) period between the 5th and 11th centuries AD, and this is because we know little about events from the historical record in Western Europe compared to the Roman and Late Medieval periods. 2,382 more words

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12 million Britons have a poor credit rating!

Subprime lending is back in the headlines for the first time since the financial crash of 2008/9. Finance for people with bad credit histories – particularly for mortgages and cars – is rising at a faster rate than at any time since the mid 2000s.  126 more words

Why do Britons find it so hard to save?

Saving money isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing to do with your hard earned cash. A recent survey by Aviva found that 21% of us in the UK have no savings whatsoever. 154 more words

Britons shun ebooks due to 'screen fatigue'

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LONDON (AFP) – British sales of ebooks are waning, trade figures revealed on Thursday (April 27), suggesting readers were suffering from “screen fatigue”. 223 more words

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Merkel warns Britons: don't delude yourself over Brexit

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Britons on Thursday not to delude themselves that they would continue to enjoy EU rights after Brexit and insisted the bloc would only agree on future ties with London after they have nailed down a deal to leave. 320 more words

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