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By the numbers: The junior rushed 17 times for 179 yards and two touchdowns in a 56-42 win over Columbus. 1,247 more words



This baby has been in the world less than a day and I already have 7 followers! You all are too kind.
Seriously, though, you 7 glorious people are the best — also, if you are just now joining the fun, include yourself in that praise, because you, beautiful, are equally amazing! 287 more words


Slave to Pain

“I wanted to be a slave.
They would ask for mercy
but I didn’t feel pain.”

– Brittany Rose

Brittany Rose

Happy Birthday (Poem)

Age: just a number;
Numbers: just symbols —

Numbers to count the years,
the unforgettable nights and then the tears.
Symbols to remind us of nothing… 54 more words

Brittany Rose

Today is the day!

I have been preparing for The Cincinnati Review for MONTHS, and today is the day that I submit my work to them! When it’s all said and done, 9 poems, 2 short stories, and 1 prose will be sent in to be criticized. 113 more words

Brittany Rose

Exciting news:

I have received my first publication! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I submitted several pieces, I am not sure wich ones were accepted, but I know that  107 more words

Brittany Rose

I will always buy books...

“I will always buy books, in spite of not having time to read them immediately. Even if I have to wait until retirement to read the majority, at least I will have them, for I will never let such a pity excuse deprive me the luxury of possibilities.”

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Brittany Rose