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This baby has been in the world less than a day and I already have 7 followers! You all are too kind.
Seriously, though, you 7 glorious people are the best — also, if you are just now joining the fun, include yourself in that praise, because you, beautiful, are equally amazing! 287 more words


Slave to Pain

“I wanted to be a slave.
They would ask for mercy
but I didn’t feel pain.”

– Brittany Rose

Brittany Rose

Happy Birthday (Poem)

Age: just a number;
Numbers: just symbols —

Numbers to count the years,
the unforgettable nights and then the tears.
Symbols to remind us of nothing… 54 more words

Brittany Rose

Today is the day!

I have been preparing for The Cincinnati Review for MONTHS, and today is the day that I submit my work to them! When it’s all said and done, 9 poems, 2 short stories, and 1 prose will be sent in to be criticized. 113 more words

Brittany Rose

Exciting news:

I have received my first publication! Unfortunately, due to the fact that I submitted several pieces, I am not sure wich ones were accepted, but I know that  107 more words

Brittany Rose

I will always buy books...

“I will always buy books, in spite of not having time to read them immediately. Even if I have to wait until retirement to read the majority, at least I will have them, for I will never let such a pity excuse deprive me the luxury of possibilities.”

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Brittany Rose

I am burnt out right now.

Honestly, right now I am working on my novella for my Creative Writing class, while also preparing original, never-before-seen poems for the Cincinnati Review. There are deadlines for both of these, and they seem to be coming much faster than anticipated, even though I’ve known the dates from the very beginning. 59 more words

Brittany Rose