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Darn, I Broke a Nail. Again

I started noticing that at around the same time that my stomach was beginning to really bother me that my nails were weak and kept breaking. 815 more words

My nails? Sensitive didn't even begin to cover it.

Well I was warned that certain chemotherapy drugs can cause your nails and nail beds to change colour, become dry and brittle, cracked, grooved and/or ridged, lifted, or sensitive. 797 more words


IBX 8 Weeks on....

IBX! Wow!! What a product!

Why, well I’ll tell you why…

Having recently qualified as a Nail Technician as much as I love getting creative & hopefully very soon getting into some competition style training, I want my main day to day expertise to be in natural nail care & to help with clients nail health issues. 450 more words


NAILS can tell a lot about your Health

We spend a lot of time fretting about how our skin looks or how are our hair. We consistently work towards achieving healthy skin and hair, often neglecting the other parts which may speak volume about our health and lifestyles as well. 429 more words

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Game-Changing Products for a Dramatically Quicker and Longer Lasting Mani

Is there anything more tedious in a beauty routine than your bi- or even triweekly half an hour spent on a manicure? Thankfully, two ingenious products will reduce this time to a mere third whilst tripling the wear time of your colour!   547 more words


Human+Kind Family Remedy Cream Review

I am really big on natural remedies.

I believe in putting aloe vera on sunburn and drinking lemon ginger when you have the flu. This means along the way I’ve gotten a fairly decent knowledge about which oils and extracts are the best remedies for different things. 370 more words


Benefits of using Argan Oil

Each bottle of goPure’s Argan Oil contains 100% pure and USDA organic oil. The argan oil has been processed using a cold press method to best ensure the retention of the oil’s rich minerals and nutrients. 883 more words

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