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Tip Tuesday: hot oil soak aka hot oil manicure

I’ve discovered lately my nails have been very dry and no matter how much lotion I use, I can’t quite revive my cracked, peeling cuticles. As I customarily do, I searched Google for an answer. 566 more words


Mineral of the Week - Calcium - The reasons for varying degrees of deficiency.

In the western world complete nutritional deficiency is rare in those who have a reasonable diet but certain nutrients can become deficient as we age due to poor absorption, loss of protective hormones, serial dieting and normal reduction in efficiency of our digestive system. 1,440 more words

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Note to self - keep your toes covered when trying on shoes

I fear I left a sales assistant in a shoe shop traumatised the other day by exposing her to my chemo-damaged toenails.

The poor woman had brought some shoes for me to try on and had bent down near my feet to take them out of the box. 188 more words

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Darn, I Broke a Nail. Again

I started noticing that at around the same time that my stomach was beginning to really bother me that my nails were weak and kept breaking. 815 more words

My nails? Sensitive didn't even begin to cover it.

Well I was warned that certain chemotherapy drugs can cause your nails and nail beds to change colour, become dry and brittle, cracked, grooved and/or ridged, lifted, or sensitive. 797 more words

Breast Cancer

IBX 8 Weeks on....

IBX! Wow!! What a product!

Why, well I’ll tell you why…

Having recently qualified as a Nail Technician as much as I love getting creative & hopefully very soon getting into some competition style training, I want my main day to day expertise to be in natural nail care & to help with clients nail health issues. 450 more words