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Watch Ndani Real Talk- Why do men cheat?

NdaniTV real talk is back again with this burning question that I’m sure almost very female on the surface of the earth is dying to know, why do men really cheat? 150 more words

Bro's Gin is a real pro's gin

A new gin? Yes. Really? Yes. Belgian? Yes. Any good? In one word: fantastic! 

It is one of the rare examples when the all too familiar story of 'X-number of friends come together and decide to make gin' really turns out to be a good idea! 425 more words

And I've a little bit of thought for you

Someday, I will do what I love for work and it won’t feel like work…

Today, I try to make the most of a situation and learn something new. 961 more words


I Love You (without a “pause”)

I was texting my good friend earlier today and had a “Pause” moment. When a guy says something that could be twisted into insinuating homosexuality, it’s common for that guy to say “Pause” after speaking. 553 more words

Ho Code

Written after The Bro Code

  • Shoes before bros, hos before bros, basically, everything before bros except blowjobs. Blowjobs are before shoes and hos, even though they’re given to bros.
276 more words
A Hint Of Vanilla

Bro Code?

Is there a such thing?

So. I recently posted a blog An open letter to my follower where a reader had commented that there is an unwritten “girls code” that I do not follow and that I am not a girls girl. 5,220 more words

Fuck Boys

An Open Letter for My Friend's Heartbreaker

Hi, how are you? Are you happy? Are you happy that you broke his heart? Why are you doing this? Why are you filling my head with so many questions? 324 more words