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The Terrible Irony of the Friend Zone

I’ve never cut a man off for the despicable sin of friend-zoning me. I’ve had enough friend-crushes to start a cult, but I don’t see “The Friend Zone” as a prison. 384 more words


The Night He Desecrated the Bro Code

Few events can rival the unbridled glory of fight night.

Some of my most memorable Saturday evenings have been spent at a raucous sports bar bearing witness to a highly anticipated UFC pay-per-view. 619 more words

My Crazy Life

Are we really going to talk about this?

Yes! Yes we are going to talk about this!

Before you mention it, no we’re not going to talk about your deepest darkest secret (well that’s if you have one), not about your cat, or dog, or your secret crush from 5 years ago, or even the time you cheated on your girlfriend. 1,672 more words

Starting At Home - Naso 5776

This morning’s Torah portion, Naso, introduces the peculiar ordeal of the Sotah, the suspected adulteress.  Before I explain it, I urge all of us to temporarily suspend our standard assumptions about justice, morality, and biochemistry. 1,224 more words

Divrei Torah (Weekly Sermons)

Little NARC Snitches on His Dad

(WMUR.com)  This wasn’t the kind of emergency Joleen McDonald had in mind when she taught her 6-year-old son, Robbie, to dial 911. 

When Robbie took a ride with his dad and saw him drive past a red light, he did what he thought was the right thing to do: He called the cops. 409 more words



Evans Gikunda,was until scandalous WhatsApp screenshots of his sexual exploits were leaked on Twitter last week,a Web and Innovation Manager at Radio Africa Group according to his LinkedIn Profile.According to information on his personal site; … 383 more words