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The one in your life ——How I met your mother

It is a sitcom that keeps me company in my whole university life, which witnessed that period of fantasy with laughter and tears.

The plot development in… 482 more words

Reading "The Superman / Jimmy Olsen War!"

I never thought I would be happy to move on from a Lois Lane centered story to a Jimmy Olsen one, but here we are. 874 more words


Flagrantly Breaking the Bro-Code

I’m firmly aware that everyone knows men and women are completely different. We’re not only unique in physical makeup but also biologically/genetically. It’s a beautiful thing, really. 884 more words


The last of the real men !

I would like to classify this in the category of contrarian thinking, but in reality this is simply freethinking, basic logical analysis.

What differentiate a man from a woman, well, go to any gym and you’ll immediately spot the difference, the average woman is training with a 1 pound dumbbell, while the average guy is training with a 40 pound dumbbell. 590 more words


The Terrible Irony of the Friend Zone

I’ve never cut a man off for the despicable sin of friend-zoning me. I’ve had enough friend-crushes to start a cult, but I don’t see “The Friend Zone” as a prison. 384 more words


The Night He Desecrated the Bro Code

Few events can rival the unbridled glory of fight night.

Some of my most memorable Saturday evenings have been spent at a raucous sports bar bearing witness to a highly anticipated UFC pay-per-view. 619 more words

My Crazy Life