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Men will be Men

As they say aadmi hi aadmi ki madat karta hai (man helps man), these two fine gentleman, one with a soon to be trimmed beard, show true spirit of brotherhood, camaraderie and thought upon their feet at the time of  danger. 36 more words




Touchy topic this is. Let’s define some terms first.

Dating: higher grade of friendship with romantic attachments, with or without a definite future.

Ex: someone, male or female, who one was dating previously but such relationship has suffered a transient or permanent truncation. 553 more words


I Like Your Best Friend

I’ve been friends with “J” for about ten years. Wow, that really made me feel old.  Needless to say, we had several common interests including country music, fantasy football, and soccer. 1,925 more words

How to Tell Someone You Don't Love Them Anymore

The Wife and I have been together for just under a decade. We are your quintessential roller coaster couple, in that we’ve had a ton up… 26 more words

Being A Dad

50 Things Every Man Should Know

Wall Street Insanity has printed a list of the 50 things every man needs to realize about women, business, themselves and life in general. After reading these, we’ve gotta say… we totally agree. 209 more words


Sunday Poetry Vol. 5


I’ve known her for 4 years
yet we have never been this close before
I started to like how everything is going
and the same goes with this person I’m spending time with. 335 more words


Some say I'm a dreamer, but I can't be the only one. 

Imagine, if you will. That everything we say was real.

“I’m fine” no longer was a way to get out of admitting your pain. Our natural instinct wouldn’t be to push our feelings out of the way, imagine what we would gain. 455 more words