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Monologue I

I don’t remember since when I started to link you with the sound of tearing paper. The sound of shredding cellulosic sheets, I mean, have you tried ever to listen to that sound? 481 more words


My Bearded Kryptonite

I know I have written about how to make me swoon emotionally but I don’t think I’ve ever actually mentioned my most favorite physical feature on a man:  1,538 more words

The Funniest Stuff I Saw on the Internet This Week - Papa Does Preach

The internet can be horrible. Especially right now as election season ramps up, but it can also be a silly-ass place. I prefer to find the funny shit people are doing/saying, and share that with the rest of you. 435 more words


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The Emotional Male

From the moment they learn to walk, to the moment they fall, what are the most common things we say to our little boys? Be a man, Toughen up, big boys don’t cry. 418 more words