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Broad bean and saffron risotto (Janet’s risotto)

A once-made – by Janet hence the affectionate name, family recipe in the Season’s Eating household was a delicious broad bean risotto, served with poached salmon. 354 more words

Summer Recipes

Broadbean and Feta Bruschetta

Great layered up for parties, or deconstructed for picnic ease


1 loaf of fresh French bread

300h broad beans (fresh or frozen)

½ bunch fresh tarragon… 203 more words

Basic But Impressive

I need more Broad Beans!

Ok, so I spent ages planning my garden and working out where everything will go based on it’s ultimate size and spacing requirements.   I often tell people, once you have planned your garden then that’s pretty much it – if you want extras, don’t squeeze them in, extend your garden or pop them in containers.   538 more words

Sarah The Gardener

Broad bean and feta salad

Inspired by fresh garden produce, this is a delicious early summer salad. Serves 1

100g podded broad beans

40g dry home-made bread (slightly stale), cubed… 138 more words

Benzoate Intolerance

Garlic and Broad Beans

As Estelle and I are both heading off to Townsville, we want to leave the garden in good order. Today we weeded the garlic and the broadbeans, and put pea straw around the Broadbeans, in an attempt to protect them from being overrun by weeds when we get that first touch of warmth.


Eggs with Broad and Runner Beans

Is that a boring title? It’s a boring title. I was going to call it green eggs and then I decided that was too non specific and nobody would be able to find it on the interwebs and there was no ham so people might be disappointed so.. 744 more words


Broad Bean, Pea, Feta and Bacon Salad with a citrus and mint dressing

I do worry about what I will be a like if I ever become a mother. The other day I was harking back to when I was charged with looking after my two nieces, Rosie aged 4 and Bella aged 2.   609 more words

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