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More Plantin'

Yes amazingly I’ve managed to get out into the garden and get some more planting during the last week. It was only a relatively brief visit to the garden but useful. 179 more words


Broad Beans | Fava Beans | Collection of 24 Broad Bean Recipes

Broad Beans, a little out of fashion except in Italian, Greek, Chinese, South American and Middle Eastern communities, are a speciality of Spring time. Once upon a time, before the green bean varieties came to Europe, Broad Beans… 887 more words


One row up!

Yesterday, I mentioned the puzzle of the nasturtiums withstanding snow. Now, I notice another phenomenon which intrigues me, although I think the answer to this may be more straightforward. 207 more words


What to sow in December

LET’S be honest, with Christmas on the horizon and the weather likely to get even colder December sowing is quite limited.

However, if you have a means of growing under cover or don’t mind the windowsill in the spare room acting as your greenhouse for the next few months, it is possible to keep those crops coming. 196 more words

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Love ❤❤ affair with Italian food and drink

Rents and Italian food and drink.

Pizza, pasta, risotto, ice-cream naturally. Glutine free available too.

I’m on special diet until I visit the vet next week 🐶😂.  105 more words


Broad Bean Puree with Chilli Oil

As broad beans get older, they suit purees and spreads really well. It is very simple – simmer them for some time, peel each bean, and then puree them with herbs. 455 more words