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Taster Day 11/02/2017

Yep, been there, done that. No snow, no wind will stop the community allotmentieers.

Neither could the garlic and broad beans be stopped. They will use every bit of sunshine and the slightest warmth to get those enzymes in the cells ticking and grow through winter. 198 more words

Work Day

Garden bites #2 - Bog roll beans

What to do with all those toilet roll tubes? As a family of five we produce a lot of them, so I have been meaning to re-use them as biodegradable seed pots for some time, and this weekend I finally got round to it. 151 more words


it's feeling a lot like springtime

I may be getting ahead of myself here but over the last weekend the heating has hardly come on, I have uncovered the washing line from it’s winter covering and I have been to a local snowdrop Sunday – which to me always symbolizes that spring is on its merry way. 351 more words

Checking up on my garlic and broad beans

It suddenly feels like Spring is nearly here this weekend, and obviously that means more time at the allotment Рyay!

I dragged my slightly unwilling allotment helper along and we got loads more done than I would have done on my own. 197 more words

To Do List - February

It’s midway through February and I have just about got through all the allotment activities I listed for January. What a busy month it has been so far, the year seems to be flying by already. 529 more words