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Running to Stand Still

Pedal on Parliament effectively reached the email event horizon today – that point where emails start coming in faster than I can deal with them, so I can sit down at my computer thinking I’ll just get some minor task done while I start lunch, and an hour later I’ll still be typing away with my lunch cooling beside me and actually more behind with my inbox fuller than it was when I started and not having actually done the thing that I switched it on to do in the first place. 331 more words


Tuesday 14th April 2015 - Are headphone ear buds digestible?

Yes I know this sounds a very odd question and just incase you’re wondering no I didn’t eat one, but Gizmo one of our chickens did. 433 more words

Poached eggs and broad beans....

and other gardening matters….

First time planting broad beans  but I have read up on it enough to know that they are easy targets of certain bugs…leaf blight to be more exact….alhamdulilah I have also come up with a solution insh’Allah….. 182 more words


Berber Beans

Dried broad bean purées abound in Mediterranean cuisines: Egyptian ful medames, Greek κουκιά, Sicilian maccu, Maltese bigilla, Turkish bakla, Moroccan byssara, to name a few. Many, in fact, claim it as an ancient food. 663 more words


More flowers delivered - weather crummy

Not much incentive to work outside during the last couple of days, today was very windy and with rain this afternoon. However, I did have to work in the greenhouse yesterday as a set of three clematis plants were delivered in the morning and they needed potting up – so that was one job. 135 more words


Overflowing seedlings

I haven’t done much actual gardening this weekend but have been enjoying my seedlings, crowding out the windowsill:

Here I have three varieties of tomato: San Marzano, Tigerella and Ailsa Craig, two of cucumber: Crystal Lemon and a green one (can’t find the packet so not sure which variety), aubergines, peppers, sweetcorn and the optimistic melons. 178 more words

Scottish Garden