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Planting and Harvesting on the Allotment

The allotment feels like it’s reached that point in the year where there is going to be a regular supply of veg coming from it. I walked around this morning, and was surprised to see just how much things have grown in just a couple of days. 413 more words

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Green Chicken Minestrone

This is from Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries, A Year of Good Eating. The recipe is here. The recipe is for 2 but I tripled it to feed 5 (with leftovers). 127 more words



Jamaica is a mountainous Caribbean island discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. England conquered the island in 1655 and renamed it to Jamaica from Santiago. Under British rule Jamaica became one of the world’s leading sugar-exporting, slave-dependent nations. 608 more words

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Growing Broad Beans

Broad Beans, lima beans, fava beans and horse beans are a staple in our diet.  They are meaty, chocked full of flavor and frankly, delicious.  Do not eat them raw though… They are excellent cooked with deep flavored herbs such as sage, oregano, rosemary and thyme. 367 more words


Voices in my head

Am I the only one with these itinerant ramblings going on in my head?
(“I don’t really know what I’m doing.”)
Suddenly, I am availing myself of the somewhat complicated medical system. 931 more words

Life In France

Quinoa and Kale Salad

I am not a vegetarian, but vegetables and grains are staples in my diet. That is why I do not associate the word “protein” with chicken breast :) This beautiful quinoa salad is full of protein. 248 more words

Hot hot weekend 14-15 may 

Honestly the garden happens to be looking after itself at the moment . I have to say I didn’t do too much at all this weekend, I had a bit of a birthday, so I got some lovely garden friendly pressies :: 300 more words