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Navigating with an AM MW radio receiver

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

Every natural disaster emergency kit is recommended by authorities to include a battery operated Amplitude Modulation Medium Wave (AM MW, also called AM Broadcast) radio receiver to receive critical information and instructions. 1,045 more words


Pengalaman jadi tamu dadakan di Acara Guplak di RRI PRO 4 Jakarta.

TegeanBlog.Com – Mungkin didalam hati pembaca ada yang bertanya-tanya.. Guplak apaan sih??
Kok bisa jadi tamu siaran di RRI??
Jadi begini ceritanya.. 282 more words


WXJM: JMU's very own radio station

Did you know JMU has a radio station? If you’ve ever flipped through Harrisonburg’s stations and stopped on 88.7, then you’ve already heard!

WXJM was founded in 1990. 192 more words


Hey, remember me?

We've had a lot of visitors over here, and according to my stats, they tore it up. It looks like they're promoting some pretty outstanding books. 151 more words