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Two mentions in one day - the momentum begins to grow for SyncBP

These are  the times you live for. When years of hard work to be the best, sweat shed as bills often out weighed your funds and the struggling to get your superior technology noticed finally begins to pay off. 25 more words

Marketron and Synchronicity Sign Exclusive Partnership To Provide Live Log of Radio Advertising

With the integration of Synchronicity’s smart platform into Marketron’s MediaScape, Synchronicity is bringing what we prefer to call, “real time spots” to our, new partner, Marketron’s 7,000 stations. 28 more words

The Show (Re) Starts LIVE, Wednesday August 26, Don’t Miss It and Please Share

By Cheri Roberts, Cheri Speak and Challenging the Rhetoric

The re-start of Challenging the Rhetoric is set for next Wednesday night. The format will remain the same although I will not have a co-host. 481 more words


Forbes "reports" radio isn't as bad as everyone has been saying.

While we all agree with terrestrial radio’s logistics of easy access and it’s *still* dominant ubiquity, the need for more accurate reporting of consumer engagement has been judiciously uncovered (hat tip to Jacob’s Seth Resler for reporting this light bulb moment) as the real villainous challenge that OTA #radio is facing now. 144 more words

Burundi's journalists are using SoundCloud to get around a government shutdown of independent radio

Half-past noon in Burundi once looked the same each day. From the paved streets of the capital city Bujumbura to the countryside’s dusty roads, everyone stopped what they were doing, pulled out their phone, and tuned into the Radio Publique Africaine’s news program. 543 more words

The Serial effect: America's biggest radio company is getting into podcasts

iHeartMedia is the biggest terrestrial radio broadcaster in the US: Its 858 stations around the country attract some 245 million listeners each month. The company also has a big events business, and a  345 more words