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One Narcissistic Dildo 

It’s plastic,  It’s bendy,  it’s fulfillment of highest order.  A corner of a rainbow coloured shop, it stands and wait for a person with boundless imaginations to …

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Love And Fear

“Maybe this is the end. The end of us. And maybe, you won’t disagree. That scares me the most.” There’s always that voice in the back of my head, warning me of what may happ…

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Authors reach out to the world.

I suggest reaching out to the world, beyond your borders and you will be surprised at how many readers you will find interested in your work. 18 more words


Astonishingly Beautiful

I have seen fine I have seen beauty A naked truth that strikes an impression Naturally designed to cut a dash Perfect in shape, both to an eye lash Looking elegant, always standing out. 7 more words