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That masked man is back: a new Phantom of the Opera sings the music of the night

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

“Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera, a mystery never fully explained….”

With this opening gambit, and signature organ arpeggio, a 1911 beauty-and-the-beast potboiler by an obscure Parisian hack/bon vivant named Gaston Leroux turned into one of the monster entertainment success stories of our time. 967 more words

Edmonton Theatre

Everyone In The Pool

Walking through the park on my way home, I spot a cardinal seeming to lead the way making me think of Robert Preston in The Music Man. 205 more words



I’ve finally seen it. After months and months of hearing and reading all the hype about the theater sensation of the new millennium, I finally went to see  535 more words

"History has it's eyes on you"

AGMA traveled with now retired Hubs to Chicago two weeks ago to visit the most adorable grandchildren in the world.

Seriously, they are. But I don’t want to pick any fights with those of you who might disagree because you might think that your grandchildren are the most adorable. 917 more words


Coming from away

Tonight we honor what was lost, but we also commemorate what we found.

                                    –Come from Away, April 2017

After watching in horror as the twin towers burned, after doing my best to reassure anxious students when I wasn’t feeling so calm myself, I found the nearest computer and e-mailed my friend Angela in New York City. 701 more words

"You Can Bet He's Doing it For Some Gal"

In addition to Gilbert and Sullivan, I grew up listening to Broadway musicals popular in the 40’s and 50’s. The records played over and over in our house, and I learned the words by heart. 272 more words

Sunday Bonus!

As you know, there are no A to Z posts on Sunday. But I’m on a roll – and I do hope you’ve been enjoying the posts so far. 159 more words