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Cracked 5 ... August 4th, 2015

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Ways to Avoid Being Eaten by a Shark

A. Don’t swim in a salt water and seaweed marinade

B. Do swim very close to fatter people… 72 more words

The Jesonian

Broadway!!! (and more) In New York City

The one thing I had put at the top of my list of things to do during my trip to New York last month (well, the only thing really…other than eat some great food :-) ), was to see a Broadway show. 819 more words


Tuesday 8/4/15

Aurora Providence | Passerine | Dan Blakeslee | Tyler – James Kelly | Soleilune | 8 PM | $8

Columbus Theatre | Tune – Yards | White Hinterland | 7 PM | $26… 48 more words

August 3 and 4, 1843 - "The opera, Maria Hasbrouck's teeth and illness strikes again"

Thursday. 3. d. August. 1843

A cool, pleasant day, quite Autumnal.
I am falling into lazy habits, do
not arise as early as health or the Bell requires. 257 more words


A True Magician Always Reveals Their Tricks

What would happen if a magician revealed their tricks? I think that magicians have been tricking us with this phrase for a long time. A good magician reveals part of their tricks but just leaves a little component hidden away which keeps audiences enthralled trying to work it out! 523 more words

After Too Long A Time, Dream In Music Finally Brings Back-"WHO AM I?"

Well, all you bloggers and blog followers out there, I guess that you have all waited so very long enough: It is now the time to bring back one of our Dream In Music features, a photo puzzle that is simply called, “WHO AM I?”, and in this first new puzzle in quite a while, I am going to stump you REAL bad with a photo of a mysterious person, give you some clues, and then try to figure out just who this mysterious person is, so without further ado, here is the photo: … 130 more words

Dream In Music