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Seared Tuna Brown Rice Bowl with Carrots, Broccolini, & Avocado

Alright, food bloggers tell me WHAT do you do in the winter without daylight for your dinner food pics?? Cook during the day?? Regardless, this Seared Tuna brown rice bowl with carrots, broccolini, & avocado was perfect for the hot summery temps we are experiencing here now. 433 more words


Vegan MoFo, Day 19 - A Dish with Five Ingredients or Fewer

Picture it! Seattle, 2012.

Our intrepid bloggers have been dating for just four weeks. Everything is new. Everything is terrifying. Despite the anxiety, Mike doubles down on the terror and invites Sarra to his house for a home cooked meal. 879 more words

Vegan Mofo

Spiced lamb backstrap

Tooheys Brothers cooking handbook, 240pp.
no author named
Ebury Press Book, Random House, North Sydney, 2015
Cooking on page 132

This book begins by introducing James and John Toohey, two brothers who, in the second half of the 1800s, set out to create a brewing legend in Australia. 599 more words


Weekly Winner:  Peanuty Pasta and Poultry Pleases Perfectly

I’ve made no attempt to hide my deep and abiding love affair with peanut sauces.  It’s something I simply cannot pass up either in a restaurant or while flipping through recipes.   422 more words

Chicken Monday. 10/9/17

If it is Monday it must be chicken. We are creatures of habit. 9 more words


Buzzfeed Tasty Challenge: Numbers 9 and 27

This week, I tackled two more recipes on the Buzzfeed Tasty list: 32 Fall Recipes with No Meat or Dairy. Since highs have still been in the eighties here in Winston, I decided to do ones that sort of combine fall and summer, so I made the Green Pesto Pizza from the blog Edible Perspective and the Yellow Squash and Zoodle Salad from Krazy Kitchen Mom. 543 more words


Wild King Salmon with Garlic Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes & Broccolini

Hooray for this amazing wild king salmon from Wabash Seafood Company. Not only did it look perfect, it tasted that way too. I know it’s pricey to get this kind of quality fish, but I think that it’s so important not only to support the sustainability of our environment when possible but if you have the privilege to be able to pick and choose what you put in your body, that’s equally important to be mindful of. 297 more words