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Planting a Second Wave of Kale

A few weeks ago, before our fence was completed, we had a deer break in and our kale was massacred. Apparently deer really like kale! They nibbled it completely back to the stalks. 77 more words


My Quick, Healthy After-School Vegetable and Rice Meal

I came back from school today with a ravenous craving for some fresh sauteed vegetables, and so I decided to try something new.
I fried some sliced ginger and green chillies in olive oil, and then added mixed ground pepper, oregano and the vegetables (beans, mushrooms, and broccolini). 88 more words

Roast vegetables 

I suppose this isn’t so much a recipe, more of what works for me when it comes to sweet corn, young carrots and broccolini. An oven temperature of 200-205 degrees celsius is recommended for these vegetables, and a short cook time of 15 minutes in the oven (sweet corn has to be steamed 5 minutes beforehand). 288 more words


Chicken and Broccolini Pasta Bake

I have been hankering after pasta a lot lately. I have been doing a lot of training at the gym, so I’m blaming that :-) This is a very straight forward recipe and one of my own creations. 274 more words


Garden progress

Our little garden has gone quite well over winter. I’ve been using lettuce, (just picked and ate a lovely salad with brown mignonette…yum) and am harvesting the broccolini now. 97 more words


Flowering Broccolini at 4am

Currently it is 4am in the morning. I have been awake since 2.30am. Getting out of bed to do something productive is not my preferred option – it is just too cold and may wake the sleeping family. 87 more words

Growing Fruit & Veg

Broccolini with Garlic and Red Chilli

Broccolini and chilli form a killer combination. This dish is a go-to when you want something easy and delicious. Usually I pair this with some form of grilled meat and call it dinner.  189 more words