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Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all

I signed up for the Brixton 10k using a discount in the Black Friday sale – one of the few things I bought in the sale. 294 more words


My London Village - Dulwich & Herne Hill

Some times you can travel all around the world to find that your favourite place is home. I’m always complaining about my home place of London but actually when I look at these pictures I realise how lovely it really is. 483 more words


Park Life

Take a walk in your local park and you’ll often notice nothing beyond the odd jogger

Someone struggling with a buggy

A dog or three, concentrating on its business. 196 more words


Golden autumn

I remember during my year abroad in Russia that the local people talked about Золотая осень (“golden autumn”), mostly because of the almost metallic glitter of birches as they change colour, especially against blue skies. 146 more words

Come Eat the Edible Jungle!

Brockwell Park Greenhouses needs you to eat up their Jungle on Sunday 23rd October 1pm 128 more words