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Some suggestions for "Broga" -- yoga poses for men

I was intrigued by artist Hannah Rothstein’s idea of developing specific yoga poses just for men.

Rothstein’s poses do seem to hit some of the highlights, especially when it comes to young, single men, the so-called “bros” who burn off their beer calories doing what she calls “broga.” 275 more words

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Broga: The official yoga trend for the dude and bro in your life

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Despite all its perks, the spiritual discipline of yoga could be intimidating to many guys especially in a room full of women. 219 more words

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Foraging: Wild Cape gooseberry

Found many wild Cape gooseberry in our food forest. The fruit is a smooth berry, about the size of a marble, taste like tomato. Ideal for eating raw (salad, jams, or exotic garnish for desserts).  16 more words

Forest To Table

R.E.X 1.0 | Broga Hill

Night, Wednesday, 18hb March 2015

Broga Hill, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.

All footage by Ammar Abu Kassim, Afiq Nashiron and Rafi’ul Ala.


Reborn Broga

I still remember it was a week before CNY. As I was driving back to university after dinner, and I saw some red lights showing up on the mountain. 274 more words

Kettlebell fever

It has been 33 hours since I took Richie’s kettlebell class.  I arrogantly thought I’d got away with it, after years of dipping in and out of various weights circuits sessions…alas no.   186 more words

Entering the brogaverse

With my goal at the moment being to run less and cross-train more, I hope to improve my overall fitness, strengthen my core and get out of my running rut.   340 more words