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Finding Your Inner Brogi: A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

The original title of this was Broga: A Bro’s Guide to Yoga, but after learning Broga is trademarked (turns out Brogi is also trademarked, so I may get a cease and desist after all). 3,945 more words

Broga Hill, Malaysia

Broga town sits right at the border between two states – Selangor & Negeri Sembilan – near to the central region of Peninsular Malaysia.

The popular hiking destination, Broga hill is located at the edge of the… 80 more words


Bicycle Out, Train Home

I wrote about taking road bicycles onto KTM Komuter trains in Bikes on Trains in Kuala Lumpur.  Since then I have incorporated a train into my ride a few more times. 832 more words

Cycling In Malaysia

Bukit Broga & Sungai Tekala

18 Februari 2017 – Aku dan adik aku pergi ke Bukit Broga, Semenyih. Tak ingat pukul berapa. Tiket parkir RM3. Masa kami naik tu, ramai juga yang turun (daki dari awal pagi sebab nak tengok matahari terbit kot). 178 more words


Wonderfully Wacky Yoga

Since yoga came to the western world, it has seen hundreds of different styles and modifications. While a basic Hatha yoga class will never fail in helping you get healthy and calming your mind, sometimes it’s even more beneficial to switch things up. 679 more words