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Drop and give me Zen.

So I’ve upped my yoga game lately as it just seems like a good proactive thing to do towards my wellbeing.  I mean, we’re living in uncertain times and I’ll take my serenity where and when I can, right? 397 more words


The Grid of Moaning Mornings (I)

GOOD moaning!

No, that’s not a typo. That’s me sending myself to a Sunday morning gym class with a grim and dour name: GRID. It’s my punishment for having doodled at the starting block from home. 1,132 more words

Virgin Stories

How Diamond Dallas Page, no cable, and horse blankets got me started with yoga

The first time I did yoga was a bit strange. It started with back pain. This isn’t atypical.

I’d moved to Florida and had a six-week window where I was there with nothing productive to do before I started my grad program. 880 more words

Finding Your Inner Brogi: A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

The original title of this was Broga: A Bro’s Guide to Yoga, but after learning Broga is trademarked (turns out Brogi is also trademarked, so I may get a cease and desist after all). 4,026 more words

Broga Hill, Malaysia

Broga town sits right at the border between two states – Selangor & Negeri Sembilan – near to the central region of Peninsular Malaysia.

The popular hiking destination, Broga hill is located at the edge of the… 80 more words


Restoran Ikan Bakar Yap 阿葉燒魚@ Broga

Take a left turn at Sak Dato Temple, you will find yourself a narrow uneven road that barely fits two large car ie SUV. Drive along this road approximately less than one kilometer you will find this Thai style’s restaurant introduced by the Broga’s handsome coconut shake’s owner ( 520 more words