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Tech company won't stop posting sexist, homophobic job ads, because you're not the boss of them

Brogrammers. Nobody knows where these code-crushing, ass-slapping, beer bonging idiots come from: I once hypothesized that they “spawn fully-formed once a year in August from a pit in Golden Gate Park filled with toxic sludge, used condoms, and Swordfish DVDs.” What we do know is where at least some of them now live: Finland.  479 more words


Why Having a Tiny Brain Can Make You a Good Programmer

This post is not just for software developers. It is intended for a wider readership; we all encounter complexity in life, and we all strive to achieve goals, to grow, to become more resilient, and to be more efficient in our work. 840 more words


Whole Foods - Great Brogrammer's Spot

I’ve been working at home since early February for my part-time brogramming gig. But occasionally, I roll up to my nearby Whole Foods to work there. 243 more words


Workin' 9 to 5 (...and not compromising who you are)

“If we are not speaking out, we are complicit. In that culture, in our culture, women’s experiences are denied, erased and invalidated.”
~ Crystal Beasley… 809 more words



6 tips on being a women in tech

Some were generic advice you hear again and again: get a mentor. Network.

I would love more tips on “seeking mentorship”. 56 more words

The Nature of Time

Week 6! We slog and slog.

Time for the next assessment and fingers crossed Camper will cross over into Phase 3. It seems there may be a large number of repeaters, but the sheer reality is there is a double cohort is starting next Monday so that may motivate the DBC gods to move this group along.  429 more words