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Listen to Good Music #2

Azealia Banks is the truth.

As such, I’m going to do a longer breakdown of why you should be a fan and why I kind of dig her as a person, in spite of her bad reputation. 178 more words


A Most Dangerous Game: The GOP and the Exploitation of American Fear

In the wake of the attacks in Paris last weekend, conservative politicians and media magnates are now, more than ever, spreading inflammatory messages of hate, encouraging Americans to fear their neighbors and turn their backs on outsiders requiring help. 1,696 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste

American Fear, Pt.2: Islamophobia

On my way to meet some friends for a drink last night, I passed a group of Muslim women in Copley Square. There were about 30 women lined up in front of the Boston Public Library holding signs reading “Hugs for Humanity” and handing out roses to passersby. 396 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste

American Fear, Pt. 1: Xenophobia and Undocumented Immigrants

For years now, Americans have held onto a massively irrational fear of immigrants, particularly Latino immigrants, most especially those who are undocumented. Americans have used every possible justification to explain why these immigrants should be deported, why their children should not be allowed in state tuition, why walls should be built and border forces increased. 310 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste

Breakfast Crêpes

I woke up this morning to find my room unusually cold. Naturally, this delayed my actual getting-out-of-bed by about 45 minutes. Of course, after waiting that long to get up, I was totally hungry and ready to murk off on a nice hot breakfast. 663 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste

What a Time To Be Broke

One of my favorite ways to communicate with friends is through a GroupMe that includes about 20 men and women with whom I went to college. 1,020 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste

Apple Cider Muffins

Fall is almost here, which means several things: football is back, sweater drawers need stocking, and, for those of us in New England, it is time we cling to temperate weather for dear life. 503 more words

Broke With Expensive Taste