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The moment my life was sent spiraling

Having just been accepted into the met police, i continued to work my job until my start date. working in a boat yard doing marketing, i was asked to aid colleagues in moving a boat, which i did, when the boat fell amd crushed the bottom of my spine. 188 more words

Broken Back

19 Months

Every 1st of the month I can’t help but think how many months it has been since my accident. I know 19 is a bit of a random number and it would have made a bit more sense to write this blog at 18months buttttt I’m going to do it now, mix things up, being normal is boring anyway 😜 799 more words


Laura 1 - 0 London

“It’s just another crossing in London. It’s a warm summer afternoon and I am with Jamie. It’s nearly 18months later. So many people have walked across this part of the road safely today, let alone the amount of people that have crossed it since 1st February 2015. 62 more words


10 things I am grateful for this week...

I have taken inspo from Elle Fit with her #10days10things and decided to a blog about the things that I am grateful for this week as I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself with pain, exhaustion and migraines. 643 more words


Grateful Day 2 - A Tiny Olive Miracle

Two and a half years ago during the worst snows of Birmingham, Olive jumped off the bed and broke her back. It didn’t happen right away – or we didn’t know it – but a few days after the jump she couldn’t move her back legs. 358 more words

What is my job?

What is your job? Why don’t you work? Are you going to get a job soon?

I think I would be really rich if I had got paid for every time I have been asked these questions.

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