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The long road back: Part 14

On the road again.

Almost three months to the day since my crash in early December, I ventured out for the very first time this morning. 490 more words


The long road back: Part 12

Getting physical

Dragged myself out of bed early the other day and caught up for a post-ride coffee with my usual Wednesday bunchies for the first time since the crash. 532 more words


The long road back: Part 11

Stretching the elastic

I’m very fortunate to have good mate who’s a great cyclist. And an even greater physio. I won’t name or embarrass him, but if you know me, chances are you’ll know him. 601 more words


The long road back: Part 10

Fling that sling

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, the sling is gone.

I saw my Orthopod on Monday and, amongst many other conversations, he revealed he was quite happy for me to stop wearing it, effective immediately. 628 more words


Today is the first day of the rest of my life . . .

Visit to the doc earlier this week, 9 days after my “final” surgery —

This surgery was to remove the hook plate from my clavicle. This incision is considerably smaller than the first one. 138 more words

Good Days

The long road back: Part 8

Part 8: One lump or two?

The good news is things are definitely improving. The bad news is this is making life even more frustrating at the moment. 510 more words


The long road back: Part 4

Part 4: The grind begins.

Right then. I’m bored, bored, bored. And I hate it. I’ve been on a few short café-related outings recently in an attempt to feel normal again, and to a degree they have helped lift my spirits – especially yesterday when I caught up with a dozen or so of my usual Saturday am bunchies for a good old chinwag. 381 more words