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The Condom Broke

I can’t remember if it was my third or fourth time having sex. What I can remember is what happened, because it has stuck with me ever since. 961 more words

My Life

A return to the online diary

Okay, so it has been over a year since I have written a blog, but I guess it’s the holiday season that has brought me back. 749 more words

broken condom

okay okay. before you scroll through this post without even reading it, I just want to say it’s not really about condoms. It’s about trust. Why make a promise you can’t keep? 49 more words

In the lull...and breaking up with the boyfriend

During the days that I have vanished, not much has happened. I got my dogs bark collar in the mail (it is defective though, and I wrote to the company but they have yet to respond even though they had a 1 business day response guarantee), I got a hula hoop (my sister insists this will be our new winter workout routine), oh and my boyfriend and I haven’t had sex since the whole “broken condom” incident last week. 884 more words

Plan B, please.

It happened last night, somewhere between him holding me down and hitting me and me choking him out. The condom broke. As he held onto the base of the condom when he pulled out “Oh shit.” I knew what he had to be referring to but I still asked “What?” He was panicking, a lot. 1,315 more words

Gestating the bonus baby

When I first heard a year ago that friends of ours were expecting a surprise baby long after they thought they were done, I actually said the word… 375 more words