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Alive at 5

Right now, I am exhausted.
I’m so tired of this torture.
I can’t believe Bob could be so cruel.
I just had a dream that a woman was being held hostage and was forced to give a televised plea for help.  53 more words

Broken Engagement

You know,

 I truly loved Bob and had all kinds of wedding plans floating around in my head.

The biggest hurdles were going to be the money to pay for it and making sure that all five of our children could attend if they wanted to. 93 more words


The Storm

Today would’ve been our wedding day. There, I said it. I’ve actually said it many times leading up to the “big day” as I didn’t want August 15, 2015 to be such a shock (I’ve endured enough aftershock from the quake at this point). 1,031 more words

Fucking liar


May I contact you on your other account. What you have indicated in your emails is not true and I would like to address this issue. 215 more words


My AIM is true

bob: Paganini is still playing–for some reason I can’t get it out of my head

riri1124: i wish it was something that simple i needed to get out of my head… 260 more words


And they're off!

One of the many dozens of email exchanges that really sticks in my brain
(which I would copy and paste here but that usually just opens up a whole can of anger, sadness, and gut-wrenching soul damaging, heartbreaking pain for me) was when Whoria told Bob she wanted to talk  with him “but no mention of dividing flatware and dishes.” He said back to her “I knew when you told me you didn’t want to talk of dividing flatware and dishes that we both felt exactly the same.” 72 more words