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The almost bride...

For some, a broken engagement may seem insignificant. I confess, reading through the essays in Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It  was humbling. Addiction, infertility, deaths, AIDS…why was my story selected? 787 more words

What is in a song!?

So I have just come back from a week in the snow… It was an amazing time with a small group of close friends!  My most committed relationship since my ex has been with the Gym and wow did I notice it on the slopes, my fitness was at a whole different level, there was one ex related hiccup on holiday though which I will share with you! 538 more words


Giving Back the Ring- Ending our engagement, and the aftermath.

I’d already realized that I had no choice other than to break up with my fiancé.  I had done a lot of soul searching, discovering why this was the best decision for the both of us.   1,266 more words


Dear Andrew...

Sybil’s fingers trembles and as she sends the text message to Andy. It’s better this way, because she couldn’t stand to look him in the face and break the news to him. 170 more words

How to rock at being dumped. Part 1.

It starts with two boxes.

In box number one goes anything of his you find scattered around that house you both used to live in. CD’s, favourite t-shirt that must have been in the washing basket, a book and various knickknacks. 426 more words

If you like it then you... oh wait.

As the famous Beyoncé song goes

♪♫All the single lettuce, all the single lettuce♫♪

34 days ago this was the world that I was thrust back into. 134 more words

November 24th... The year? Who cares...

And then came today…

I thought today I’d be able to write it off as any other day.
Nothing special about a Tuesday..
But if I’m being honest, I’ve been dreading this day since we went our separate ways. 150 more words