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The Wedding That Never Was... The Savior That Ever Is

It’s been two years since I lost my wedding day.

An unexpected decision, about a month before my fiancé and I planned to get married, led me into a whirlwind of hurt, unending questions, and a lengthy depression. 1,464 more words


Let me put it as simply as I can. In a recent post I told the story of Carol and Guthrie  and the breaking up of their engagement. 621 more words

Beautifully Broken

The Shattering Text. Yes….Text.

One of my best and worst traits is my honesty. My stomach sank, my pulse quickened and I adjusted myself upward on my couch. 731 more words

Broken Engagement




Zee almost screamed; it had happened again: Another man had told her the same thing — about his light ship and cosmic spacemen — and from this one she’d accepted a ring! 1,540 more words


I'm Childfree By Choice: So Please Stop Bingoing Me!

I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to write this for this platform. Everywhere I go I see post after post saying people without kids are “assholes”, “rude,” “mean,” “selfish,” and every other word in the book. 1,260 more words

Open Letter(s)

Coincidental Moments

The more I live and the more I connect to who I am and take care of myself the more I have moments like these. I used to lean away from them; now I let them wash over me. 594 more words

Ten Years After

Not the band…

But the age of the mattress I sleep on.

How can I remember?

Because Bob bought the set when he moved to Saratoga in the spring of 2007. 133 more words