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How to rock at being dumped. Part 1.

It starts with two boxes.

In box number one goes anything of his you find scattered around that house you both used to live in. CD’s, favourite t-shirt that must have been in the washing basket, a book and various knickknacks. 426 more words

If you like it then you... oh wait.

As the famous Beyoncé song goes

♪♫All the single lettuce, all the single lettuce♫♪

34 days ago this was the world that I was thrust back into. 134 more words

November 24th... The year? Who cares...

And then came today…

I thought today I’d be able to write it off as any other day.
Nothing special about a Tuesday..
But if I’m being honest, I’ve been dreading this day since we went our separate ways. 150 more words


I Would Have Been Married, But God... ( a true story by Pascale Lourdes Anty)

Pascale Lourdes Anty details what God taught her about the condition of her heart and the lessons she learned through a broken engagement.

Source: I Would Have Been Married, But God…


My College Years - 1975 - 1978

Last week I had a creative burst and published a week’s worth of blogs for Years 14-20 of my life. This week I’ve managed to keep up with my Writing 101 assignments but have not posted anything for my “year a day” challenge. 1,290 more words

Family History

Just Because It Happened To You, Does Not Mean It Happened Because of You

Rejection always hurts.

From the lack of an invite to a classmate’s party to the failure of a job offer, we feel the pain of being dismissed. 978 more words

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stilllearning2b - Thank you for this. "I felt like I was discarded like so much garbage. No longer able to provide utility or beauty. Lacking in key features as I was replaced with a newer model. I trusted this man, had valued his opinions for years. So when he indicated I wasn’t enough, it was easy to believe him."

The Wedding

The hall was gloriously decorated with colourful, sweet-smelling flowers and alight with spotlighting and grandiose chandeliers. Gold and purple drapes and ribbons were beautifully spread around the grand space, and lined the ivory chiavari chairs according to the royal theme the Bride had chosen. 1,616 more words

Issues Of Life