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The universe taketh away:

Really bad news about my car…

The universe giveth:

Really good friend makes my day. Week. Month.

Even if she is the one who got me and Bob together… 76 more words


icky, sticky, goo

A coworker of mine & Bob’s (not the same department, but in the same building), saw Bob and me the second day we got together. August 11, 2007. 532 more words


"Carry?" Nailed.

Hey – Bob?

You chose to leave me with this cross to bear. This blog is how I chose to Carry it.


And so it continued . . . aka it's only going to worse . . .

Mind you, this was all openly available to me… and he knew it… 

“Everything I have is yours to use. You don’t ever have to ask…” 255 more words


The Dance of Dragons

 It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favor.

~ Tyrion Lannister


8 more words

Time travel 

Bob and I had this game and it became, admittedly, an addiction.

We then bought it for my cousins’ children. Two of them live on Nantucket. 128 more words



Dear Bob –

I never loved you for your position. Nor your car. Nor your potential status. Not for someone to share rent with. Not for someone to fuck. 200 more words