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In laws

She looks beseechingly at me

With her red rimmed eyes and

I don’t feel anything.

Her mascara flows in dramatic black

And grey lines down her sallow… 106 more words


Nature Vs Nurture in Relationship

Disclaimer: this is not a scientific study, i basically has no background in science and it most definitely not a result of a structured research or any type of research for that matter. 601 more words


The Aftermath of His Affair

My husband had an affair… phew.. there it is. I said it! Saying it now feels a lot different than saying it when it first happened. 609 more words


To My Parents Who Barely Know What Is Going On Inside Me.

To my parents who barely know what is going on inside me, I would like to tell you that I am fine but I cannot, for I remember the time you told me to never lie back when I was five. 168 more words

Broken Family

Alcohol and Broken Families

People think that once your parents (who keep on fighting) are separated, you’re quite lucky. I mean, in a way that all the shouting and crying in the middle of night are finally gone. 311 more words


When Childhood Is A Struggle

Coming from a broken family my childhood was anything but carefree, there were some fun times and carefree times but it wasn’t a constant. As a child I guess I felt confused about why my parents fought, I mean at the time I probably thought that only children fight, it was just a part of having siblings. 380 more words


Fifty Years of Broken Pieces

Rocking back and forth, staring at the stars, they sparkle and bring such luster below. Solar lights glimmer in the dark. The moon, almost full, shines from the heavens and glows on my patio. 511 more words