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Friends are the best!

I talk a lot about the women who helped me through my dark, desperate hours. Women, ladies – friends who have often call me inspirational without realising the irony in that small statement. 297 more words


The Bad Guy

So it began.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite ready for it. I didn’t expect it. And when it happened it completely threw me off. 770 more words


Reunion- A Short Story

I sit across from my mother, unable to look her in the eye. The two of us haven’t been in the same room together for twenty years, and this whole situation feels awkward. 1,165 more words


Why two family households can be hard on kids.

My name is Jessica Joan and I come from a broken home.

No my parents aren’t divorced. Yes they are still together and very much in love. 3,419 more words


Stranger Danger

As children we are warned of the boogie man, the stranger offering sweets on the streets, the man alone in the park. We are taught to protect ourselves from the dangers of the unknown. 537 more words


An Open Poem to an Absent Father

When I wrote this it hurt.  When I read this it still hurts.  Unfortunately I’ve met so many young guys and girls that can relate to this poem.   183 more words

A year of firsts

I sit here this morning, this bright yet chilly September morning, reflecting. I’m melancholy, I’m confused. Honestly I’m a disaster zone, a mass of war-torn wreckage scattered with the landmines that are my pent-up emotions; poised to explode at any given moment often with no trigger other than a flash of memory. 741 more words