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If you haven't been there for me at the beginning.

How do you expect to be there for me and my children now?

To the person who will never read this, or even persons, you do not understand what family is. 560 more words


DAILY: Unsent Letters

The other day, my mom and I got into a huge fight. It pains me to write about it on something so public, but I wish we can talk about these things without getting into an argument or having to bring up history. 1,069 more words


if promises were not meant to be broken

If promises were not meant to be broken

I wouldn’t be hearing mommy’s scream at night

wishing it was all just a dream.

Shivering at the coldness of the floor where she chose to sleep… 178 more words


Beneath the Surface

Call me stubborn? Strong-minded? Independent? Oh and I have walls up as high as the Great Wall of China? Feel free to, but you know what? 174 more words

Broken Family

Bravery in Giving Up

“Family, where life begins and love never ends”

They were supposed to feed your heart full of love and happiness. They were the ones who’ll love you and take care of you unconditionally, but sometimes, apparently, they are the people who break our heart and would leave a mark there forever. 1,528 more words


Living For Others


In my book Remnant, I based the character of Ethan on myself. (That kind of thing is hard to avoid when you’re an author. 486 more words

Social Matters

is it REALLY worth IT?!?

i sure don’t THINK of ANYONE but MYSELF while i’m OUT doing THINGS i know i SHOULDN’T be DOING, things that can CAUSE me to LOSE… 160 more words