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Home Sweet Home part 5

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was rushing trying to figure out what to do and at the same time absolutely furious at my younger brother and his mom abandoning everything leaving me to do it. 1,436 more words


A Dysfunctional Love & Apathy

I heard shouts & loud noises downstairs.

I went down, only to see orange & pears

Scattered on the floor,

Along with broken plates & an open door. 220 more words


Brave New Family

Just not too long ago, family virtues such as respect for the elderly, honesty and integrity were taught. Values today have apparently deviated from these core values that were once sacrosanct. 313 more words


The Last Time

It was a beautifully warm morning and I was busy arranging my toys in the replica of my family on the porch, when I heard a door slam loudly. 592 more words

Life Apart

To my sister...

I have a few questions for my sister, who I’m pretty sure she will never answer but here it goes….

Why did you pick our brother over me? 224 more words

Little lost girl

I was no daddy’s girl
Nor a mummy’s girl
I used to be my aunt’s little girl
But now I’m just a girl
With her roots cut off… 13 more words


Being a "Stepparent" Part 1

As a boyfriend of someone who has a kid, I find it hard to communicate exactly how I can parent him. I’m not his dad and never will be. 524 more words

Broken Family