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Hi 2017.

2016 ended with a heavy heart, I remember I actually cried myself to sleep. One second I felt blessed watching my baby boy sound asleep next to me, the next second I got all upset because I can’t give my child a completed family. 514 more words

Girl in tragically heart 

​My feeling is not really good. I have broken even before my heart start loving someone wholeheartedly. It’s my fault for priority someone rather than his creator. 511 more words


thanksgiving 2016

So thanksgiving was coming up and I was really dreading it. It’s just not the same since 1) I’ve been working for a retail company and 2) my parent’s split up. 554 more words


Story of my life dealing with stingy sister

Here, It’s me again.

A little girl who has a broken family. Oops, what did I say?
Oh yes! She has a broken family since her mom died from suffering Leukemia. 959 more words


Earlier today, I had a “heart to heart” talk with my mother. It is one of those conversations between a Gen X mother and Gen Y son, where the difference in perspective is glaring.  1,378 more words


The Sound of Snow

I know the sound of snow.

Sister taught me how to listen to it whenever Mom and Dad fought. She told me that snow was the sky coming down—Heaven touching the ground with little tip-toes. 699 more words


Why She Believes that Nothing Lasts Forever

She was 7 when it happened first.

The slamming of door.

The shattering of glass.

Muffled screams.

And broken dreams.

She sits up in her bed, 459 more words