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The Green Knight

Back home, my room is on the first floor, off the passageway to the Great Hall. Its not really mine any more though- its now on the market. 1,005 more words


Missing Person (poem)

Over the years, I’ve written extensively about my fathers (the man who left his wife and two small sons, and the man who married my mother some years later). 226 more words


Broken Family

This is abit of a tricky post for me to write because there is so much i could write and want to write but also some things’s are better kept offline… 1,764 more words


(Broken) Family

This has always been something that plagued my every thought. It’s interesting because broken family situations are not really uncommon but what makes them different and still talked about is the different results and feelings it brings out in each individual. 677 more words


Absent father

He used to take us to Hamleys,

on the few occasions we’d see him,

and buy something small

like that plastic stuff

you blow balloons with… 81 more words


God's Heart for Broken Families

In Singapore, there were 7,614 divorces and annulments (2016). And that’s just in one year. In ten years, there could be 76,000 divorces. If each family had on average two children, that’s 152,000 children having broken families. 827 more words


"Whats your damage, Heather"

I am wondering if I was doomed from the start. Not for life but maybe for love. When your relationship models include a mother who’s longest relationship during your childhood was maybe a year, then she mostly just had casual and sexual based relationships because she is a sexual being. 601 more words