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A little about my past

My family is a little twisted. I got pregnant at the age of 18. Was forced into marriage (that is a whole other blog right there); and then divorced by age 20… So I find out I’m pregnant in like January or February of 2010 at the age of 18. 1,329 more words

Home Life

September 27, 2017 Reflections on Answered Prayer

Many prayers from my September 6 update were answered.

On September 14, the new transfer who began work at our office on September 6 (I didn’t realize the Lord had already prepared the answer to my request) introduced herself to me and told me she heard I was a Christian from a co-worker who had transferred out of my office recently. 431 more words


My Broken Family

Growing up, you always heard the glorified quote: “family is forever”. It was instilled in your head from as early as you can remember, that having a large close-knit family was something to be proud of. 381 more words


💕The story of my life💕

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ethelou. She lived in a happy family, but one day their happiness changed into sadness when her father became addicted to alcoholic drinks. 121 more words

Broken Strings

I won’t and I don’t believe this. Having this kind of family, is very exhausting. Growing up I thought everything’s going to be okay but then the reality hits me hard, hard enough to think that I’m not, and I won’t have a normal family like anybody else. 659 more words


Dysfunctional Family

Normal school night

Dad ironing my brother’s uniforms

Mom comes in smiling

Unexpected tone comes from Dad’s flip phone

Mom stops smiling


Tone sounds like a notification for text messages… 137 more words

Life Update - August - September 2017

Praise God, He has opened doorways for me to share the Gospel with about four of my co-workers in the past month or so. However, I perceive there is still much ignorance of the reality of His truth and it is hard for me to bring forth the truth with my words alone. 600 more words