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"My Father is My Brother & My mother Is My Grandmother"!


For years politicians from both the labour and Conservative party have spoken about Broken Britain and the ever increasing problems as result of broken homes. 702 more words

Current Affairs

What hurts more, coming from a broken family, or not knowing the family is broken?

I had come to my senses.

Growing up in a broken family is what I thought can make me a stronger and a better person. I’m sure as hell there are a lot who can vouch how strong of a person I am and it’s something I always saw as a compliment. 1,197 more words



written by: Angelica N. Rualo

She was a mermaid
A muse to the sea
A symbol of passion
Of grace and beauty

Her enchanting smile… 110 more words


Me or him?

written by: Angelica N. Rualo

Me or him
Your heart was torn in two
I thought you’d choose me
Isn’t my love enough for you? 138 more words


Beauty Queen Tears

As the door slams shut,
and the glass shatters on the door
Her tears fall like rain drops,
part of her can’t feel anymore

The shouting grows louder… 113 more words


Recently I have been thinking about joining the military… My dad have always been dreaming for at least just one of me and my sibling would join the military, for his dream was to join the Air Force which did not come true, and since my parents have divorced for quite few years now, me and my brother have always thought about what would it be like to have our family whole again and in one roof. 357 more words


Will i ever forgive you?

I don’t know how to start this blog but I need to let go of what I’m feeling..

Its been year’s.. I questioned myself why did I have to go through this pain. 579 more words

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