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Father’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when #dadjokes are most retweeted, old photos of fathers holding their babies for the first time are being posted on Facebook or Instagram. 1,077 more words

To The First Man That I Loved

Now, I completely understand and respect your decision to leave us.

Even after you left us, I found time to meet you just to make sense of everything- your line of thinking, your reasons, and why happily-ever-after can’t really exist.  684 more words


Hard, To Messy, To Gorgeous

Changing is hard. It takes some honest talking to yourself. Before we make changes, we need to admit that WE ourselves have some of, if not much of the fault for the situations that we want to change. 465 more words

Loved. Conditionally!

They say love is blind, for sure, it is blind, but not to the faults of the person you are in love with, in fact sometimes you are so dangerously aware of their shortcomings that you end up working that much more to compensate for them and your relationship. 304 more words

The day my heart broke and was repaired at the same time

Being a single mom has its own pressures, its own set of challenges that I am still learning how to deal with. Having your ex living in your home (which I am currently dealing with) is its own set of rules that I don’t understand. 513 more words

PART 1 "FAMILY" - I've stopped talking to them again!

Its been about maybe 2 months or more since I haven’t spoken to anyone in my side of the family.
I manage to reach out to my Grandmother because the country she’s living in, is going through some extremely terrible weather.  665 more words


Grandparents, Or are they?

To say I have a complicated relationship with my grandparents is putting it lightly. The ins and outs and who did what aren’t really that relevant but it’s fair to say we aren’t found of each other. 611 more words

Broken Family