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"House" not "Home"

I am raised by my parents
Sometimes they’re there
Sometimes they weren’t
And when I grew older
I woke up into reality
A nightmare so horrifying…
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If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t had made the decision of returning to this despicable place living such a saddened life now.

Women are the dumbest living thing on earth. 574 more words

V is for Vincent in-laws #AtoZChallenge

Dear Vincent in-laws,

This is a brief note to say I love you. Thank you for accepting me the way I am, and embracing me as your brother’s wife. 146 more words

You Mad, Bro?

Truthfully speaking, my son’s father and I do not get along. I know, womp womp.

It’s a common theme, and it’s pretty sad. That doesn’t mean… 345 more words

Not ideal, but it is right for us 💖

Within 20 minutes of each other both myself and Cathal’s dad had posted these two similar but very different pictures on our Snapchat.

When myself and Cathal’s Dad split up, it was Cathal I was most worried about. 521 more words

Mammy Life

The First Chat

Me: I’m so happy to have a chance to talk with you. I want to hear your thoughts, share my own and see if there is a way that we can somehow find some peace. 282 more words

Estranged Parent

His Mum. A can of worms?

Catch up

I recently apologised for being MIA and neglecting my blogging, trust me when I say this isn’t because I haven’t had anything to say in fact quite the opposite is true but being a working single mum is hard and I literally haven’t had time. 1,263 more words