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I Want a Man Who...

“I want a man who touches and kisses me ALOT. I want a man who will welcome my body crawling onto his in the middle of the night. 486 more words

Pittsburgh PA

What to do when you feel stuck?

There’s many times in our lives that we will feel stuck. Like we don’t have options, we don’t have a choice, a say, or as if life is happening to us and not for us. 462 more words

Spiritual Heights

{POEM} What the World Needs

The world needs to hear your peace
To see your actions of gentleness
And love
The world needs you to be strong and soft
In your heart… 30 more words

Poetic Healing

Review: Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

I want to reread this book probably once a year for the rest of my life. There are few books that have influenced my perspective in the way that this has*, but I hope to find at least ten more before I reach self-actualization (ha, ha, that’s a joke!). 699 more words


How Bad Is It, Really?

A Wondering Widow Post

I recently had a conversation with someone (an acquaintance whom I hadn’t heard from in over a year) who was freaking out over something full of drama at work. 387 more words


What Not To Say--Take 573

Dear Friends and Family of W’s:

Recently someone said something to me that was so insensitive and thoughtless it caught me off guard. Although maybe that’s because I’ve lowered my guard in recent months. 558 more words


Bro Tips

I love my guy friends. Like bulls in a china shop they tread on delicate topics my lady friends won’t even acknowledge exist. Lately, they’ve been entertaining me with their dating advice, especially since it’s all over the board. 120 more words