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Letting Go of Certainty

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides.” — Tony Schwartz…

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Broken Open and Renewed

As I approached the beginning of a new phase of life this summer, I stared at a stack of books wondering which book I should read first. 809 more words

A Little Bit Of Me

D Minor Is the Saddest of All Cords.

I guess it doesn’t help that he looks like my first husband.

Whatever. Enjoy.

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Living the Layers: Opening

In the moments when I felt myself sliding downward this summer, I continuously asked myself over and over again: What do you need? 

What do you need to get out of bed? 794 more words

A Little Bit Of Me

New Breath

“What lesson did my soul want to learn? I liked this question. It was new. Right then and there I felt it pointing me in a different direction.

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A Little Bit Of Me

beginning on time, ending before yours

January, March, April, May, July, August, October, November.









The calendar year stretches out

Beginning on time

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Re-Calibrating My Heart

“The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated. And the only thing people regret is that they didn’t live boldly enough, that they didn’t invest enough heart, didn’t love enough.

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