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A Chinese Man Broke His Penis After Falling Off A Motorcycle While Watching Porn

A Chinese man broke his penis after falling off his motorcycle while watching porn, which isn’t even the craziest part of this story. No, the crazy part is that alleged dick fracturer was reportedly a… 315 more words


ouch! Horny Bull Breaks Its Penis After Excessive Performance

An amorous and overly active bull suffered a broken penis after an “over-enthusiastic” performance at the start of the breeding season.

However, one bull’s pain was another’s opportunity as an animal bound for the slaughterhouse was drafted in last minute by the farmer after the prized Bull broke it’s penis. 433 more words


On That Island of Broken Penises

Those apologists who make the spurious claim that it is always the violence of Caribbean society that spills over into the violence of dancehall music, and never the other way around, will not know about that curious time when Jamaica’s Kingston Public Hospital saw a sudden spike in cases of broken penises. 1,311 more words


Broken Penis

from my COOL WRITING file (originally written  August 9,2004):

I think I found this on CL before CL became a punchline and refuge for losers and lumpens. 104 more words


Six Sex Injuries Men Should Look Out For!

So men like sex. Well like is not the word but you get the point too well.

However once in a while it gets real. Sex-related injuries are pretty common and there 6 particular ones that the male species should fear. 264 more words


Former TUFer selling pics of penis snapped during sex; earns a 3-some for his pain & suffering

So this is the worst story you’ll ever read about an MMA fighter or anyone for that matter. Former TUF 9 contestant Ray Elbe, had a bad day recently. 261 more words

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