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Not a Heartbreak

Give my heart a break not a heartbreak
Take my pain away
Take my pain away
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into… 131 more words

One day

One day.

One day he’ll cook for her

One day he will have time

One day he’ll bake her a cake

One day he’ll pour her wine… 94 more words



I remember the day before you went away. The day where I could not feel my heart beat. The day where I could not hold my knees anymore. 161 more words



As the street got busy so did my mind, I never knew what it felt like to be alone on a busy street but today you taught me what I never thought I would ever need to learn. 227 more words



A matter of time

Everything boils down to this

All things fall away

Raging storm, dark clouds,

Nothing will last forever

Light permeates all

Dreamers, hold on, 10 more words


Broken Promise

Berit built a home from thin slivers of glacial ice cut from the exact center of Gígjökull. Two albino Savannah cats kept the inside warm; two thousand fireflies lit the pathway to her door. 75 more words

Friday Fictioneers

Shopping While Housebound: A Joe Fresh Security Concern

I’ve been housebound for four years now. The pain I feel daily – every minute of every day to be exact – makes it difficult for me to go out to do the many things I once took for granted. 988 more words

Chronic Pain