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Welcome to Harperland: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Evangelical Religious Zeal Something to Be Concerned About

Welcome to Harperland where Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s evangelical religious zeal and belief in the imminent end of times motivates him and his other evangelical cabinet ministers to send Canadians to war to hasten the end of the world. 2,251 more words

Broken Promise Chapter One

Here it is! Chapter One! Enjoy! Chapter Two coming within another 2 weeks. Enjoy until then!

Tricky 999 more words

Broken Promise

Life is not fair.....deal with it.

“It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair.”
Taylor Swift

Life is a struggle and was always a struggle and will always be a struggle.It just depends on your mood ,if you are in good mood then you are ready to face those challenges and overcome them but when you are depressed same life looks so unfair.Or is it us expecting too much ..may be sometimes our expectations kill us.But not to expect will make us God or what you think….Even very strong people have their own weaknesses that they hide from the world but that doesn’t mean they are always happy.Most of just pretend to be happy so people will not see our torn hearts or we just gather courage to face the present hoping that future will be more beautiful and acceptable. 71 more words

Life Quest

She Is Alive

She wore his flower
In her hair
Scent of amber
Sweetened the air
Her dress was white
Her feet bare
He found heaven
Waiting there… 7 more words

Manitoba government backs away, again, from seniors property tax promise

WINNIPEG – The Manitoba government is backing away, for a second time, from a campaign promise on property taxes.

Finance Minister Greg Dewar says there is now no firm timeline for the elimination of the education property tax for seniors. 67 more words


Broken Promise

A while back, I gave a list of ten upcoming book reviews. For the most part, or whole, the list was of classics. So far I have read, seven classics before posting that list. 138 more words


I wish to be born again...

Beautiful were the days when you woke up in your mom’s lap
Cozy were the feelings
We were learning about life
And just concerned about our silly doll meetings… 85 more words