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Review: New Series by Linwood Barclay

*Originally published 2015/09/15

BROKEN PROMISE (Promise Falls: #1) Written by Linwood Barclay

2015, 484 Pages (Doubleday Canada)

Genre: mystery, suspense, fiction

Rating: ★★1/2

Let me first preface this review with the disclaimer that “I received this ARC from Netgalley”; and also, that this book is actually the first in a… 683 more words

Book Review

Broken Promises

There is a lot of hype about heart break. But, it is often wrongly portrayed as this one instance when the whole thing crumples down- an apocalypse of sort, for some relationships mean the world to you (at least at that particular point of time). 185 more words

Random Musings

To the girl who broke my heart 

You have suddenly cut our communication in a snap. So, this gonna be how I would like to pour it out.

First of all, thank you again. 359 more words


I’ve been delaying writing this post for the last few days but I know I have to come clean and accept this to myself so I can move on. 436 more words

Sober Blogosphere

Ding Dong, Electoral Reform is Dead!

Well it seems Justin Trudeau’s promise that there would be a new voting system in place by the 2019 election is dead.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is abandoning his long-held promise to change the way Canadians vote in federal elections.

83 more words
Canadian Politics

Broken Promise (2)

In a fleeting moment of romance
He told her “watch the sunrise with me”

She smiled; she agreed

The night grew dark..

She started spinning thoughts… 116 more words

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