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Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay has a lot of mystery, a fifty-fifty blend of suspense and thrill with a tiny bit of romance. It is book one of the Promise Falls series. 377 more words

One Retired Veteran's Story

And you wonder why Donald Trump won the election…?

I received the following email from a friend who is a Retired Marine Officer.

He and I enlisted in the military about the same time, during the midst of the Viet Nam war. 1,002 more words

The View From Pelham



  1. an equal distribution of weight; even balance; equilibrium.
  2. a counterpoise.
  3. to equal or offset in weight; balance.

Paul looked like he had been hit by a truck. 762 more words


Trump Must Jail Hillary Clinton

 Trump must Jail HRC

The apparent mellowing of president-elect DJT to execute his campaign promise to prosecute HRC if the evidence she committed crimes was the result of republican led investigations sends several bad messages to America and the world.   235 more words

Unity Through Solutions 2.0

Oops Promise Broken

Oops Promise Broken

The apparent decision by President-elect Donald J. Trump not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton is the first promise to be broken and a backlash is already occurring in the ardently conservative corners of the electorate that propelled his victory.

Unity Through Solutions 2.0

#1 She is Light

Their voices faded and the door closed with a soft thud in the distance. Her friends had left, except him. In the dark, he slithered into her room. 618 more words