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i’m not inspired to smoke cigarettes because i’m always trying to get in shape but every finger i lift is a freighter’s worth of dead weight. 152 more words



I should’ve listened to myself from the start. I let myself fall for the deceiving trick that I tried to save myself from. From the second I saw you, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t fall for you because I knew your personality like the back of my hand. 447 more words


Winter reneges

Elle mistakenly thought having their son back home would ease any old bitterness that Winter had.  He had promised never to pursue his dream of overthrowing the queen.  140 more words


Probate: When can you challenge a Will

Here at LawCat one of the most common Probate questions we get asked revolves around Wills and what to do if you’re not happy with a Will someone else has made. 651 more words


Send Me A Sign

Send me a sign

Let me know

Give me a time

A place I should go

If you were mine

Our bodies would be intertwined… 10 more words


Broken Promises

Hey guys,

Already broke my promise to publish at least one blog post per day, which sucks. Well, I mean technically I haven’t slept yet, so it’s within 1 sleep cycle. 356 more words

Iain Duncan Smith Says £350m ‘Brexit’ NHS Pledge Was ‘Never’ A Commitment

‘It’s not a promise broken. I never said that during the course of the election’

Leading ‘Brexit’ campaigner Iain Duncan Smith claims he “never said” the NHS would get £350m a week extra after leaving the EU – even though it was emblazoned on the side of a bus. 421 more words

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