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Eight point communication agreement

  1. We will express irritations in a loving, specific and positive way rather than holding things in or being negative.
  2. We will not exaggerate or attack the other person during the course of a disagreement.
  3. 104 more words

Unlucky thirteenth?

Who knows how many times we’ve split:

Is it five, nine, twelve times, or more?


Each time, we end back right where we started: 65 more words



She’d entered the competition when they were together, not just together, living together: it was serious. Too serious?  Probably. Obviously.

She knew they needed to have some “fun”, she knew he’d turned off. 787 more words


Unmoored In Deeps

Here…these waters.
How did I end up here?
Off-shore, un-moored
and docks all far away
behind me in the mists
above me in the air… 559 more words


.014. Cease Fire

It’s been such an ugly week. A truly ugly week. Full of mean things said, hurtful intentions, inflicted pain, bruised egos, lost memories.

I just want it to end here. 255 more words

My Heart Hurts

.013. Forgiveness

I’m petty at heart. I think it goes along with being overly emotional. I think it’s all part of this vicious circle I’ve got going. I lovelovelove people to death, they use me up, they throw me away, and I’m so devastated that I cycle through anger, pity, rage, hurt, pain, pettiness. 479 more words

Broken Relationships

When Our Dreams and Reality Don't Match

I am a firm believer in following our dreams.  It was the essence of my quote in my senior year high school yearbook 31 years ago and I am still passionate about helping people achieve their dreams.   349 more words