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Sides A and B

When I moved out of Jersey in December of 2013, I settled temporarily at my cousin’s before a longer haul at my uncle’s. I’ve never been particularly close to these relatives, but I’ve always greeted and treated them like no distance or time whatsoever has passed. 1,857 more words


Healing For Broken Relationships

Sometimes relationships end painfully. It may be a lost love, the end of a marriage or a friendship.

We may spend many moments of our life, turning over and over in our mind what went wrong. 478 more words


Calling It Quits

I didn’t wish her a Merry Christmas.

I didn’t wish her a Happy New Year.

I didn’t wish her a Happy Birthday.

She didn’t notice. 125 more words


Boundless Challenge #2

Yay, I accidentally published this post on Tuesday and totally confused you lovelies! By now, it’s probably no secret to you that I’m on Twitter. 332 more words

Boundless Challenge


The air held a sweet chill as her foot slipped passed the covers mid stretch. It was still early, and nobody stirred inside the house except her. 523 more words


Dancing on the Edge of a Knife

Step in time, but make it sure –

each turn a calculated –

move –

to match the tune he whispers

in dark and threatening tones

Christian Marriage

Don't Just Stay Because You're Scared To Leave

I know you’ve thought about leaving, how could you not?

You stay for the good days because in your mind the good outweigh the bad. But that’s not the only reason you stay; I know you stay because you’re more afraid of leaving than anything. 619 more words