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More Than Words

I just cannot seem to, every time I try to write and find the words to articulate the extent of my love for him, and how painful it was to let him go. 120 more words

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Dear Ex-Bestfriend

I remember the first day I came to know about you, long before even we knew each other. Just another person who existed in this online world filled with kinds and kinds of people. 556 more words


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Days in the City

What do I feel?

“About what?”

About being in Iligan City.

“I feel a lot of things. Mostly happiness.”

It has been 6 months since my graduation, the last time I went to Iligan.

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Muffled Harmony

You speak to me
as bright as winter’s glow
catching each breath of snow
I take in dearly;

You speak to me
as though the sun had set… 80 more words

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Which came first? The Chicken or the egg?

Which came first? The Chicken or the egg?

A classic, arguable question that can be easily answered if one looks to the Word.  On the fifth day, God created… 331 more words


My hands held tight of the pen, afraid it might slip from trembling,
I saw no more than blurred scribbles on a sheet of paper… 42 more words

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We've Become a Byproduct of Our Environment

From 1992 to 1999, Melrose Place aired on Fox.  This popular television series gave a glimpse of the elite living in Hollywood, California under the guise of Melrose Place.  316 more words