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I Was Blindsided By Your Leaving, But I Will Move On

Years of hopeful effort and dedication. Then it was all stolen from me. The rug was pulled out from underneath me. I wish I could say when I look back that I could see the writing on the wall. 513 more words


I recently had an ordeal that left me a bit confused at the nerve of some people. My mother accidentally met my son for the first time in his entire life last week. 700 more words


The Quest for Prince Charming - Oh! the frogs!!

I had some catching up to do in the world of dating relationships!  After just one date in high school that was a bust, I needed to get moving!   1,601 more words



You said you needed me to almost insure your existence. I’m sure that this is what they meant by codependency.

You still rendered nightmares nightly, with reinforced doors against unseen persecutions. 77 more words


Reconcile: A Study of Philemon

Introduction To Philemon
by Dr. Frank Teat

Picture the worst looking group of weeds in your flowerbed.
Can you see them?
Now picture your favorite fruit. 527 more words

Neither Male nor Female, you are one in Christ Jesus, or are you?

Are you wounded by the one(s) who claim to love you?

First, please know this is not aimed at all with some of my friends who have shared with me the physical hurt their husbands have put them through (this is not addressing that kind of hurt, nor suggesting anyone submit to physical abuse ever).  1,705 more words


Lent 6 ~ Fasting to Repair and Restore

          For the past several years, I have been troubled by the loss of peace in my workplace. The old harmony had been systematically undermined by persistent back-biting and venomous beliefs. 373 more words