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Stop Romanticizing The People Who Hurt You

Stop remembering the good memories. Don’t think about the times they made you laugh, but remember the times they broke you and made you cry. Count the number of sleepless nights, the unanswered text messages, the broken promises, and the shattered dreams. 286 more words

Thoughts of an Unsocial Being

​For the rest of our lives, we are forever going to be slaves to the fact that we are social beings born with curse of always needing people to clean up our mess after we fall apart… 478 more words

Friendship Family Love

Wrong Enemy

No matter how nice or popular you are, there has to be somebody that gives you a hard time. There must be a person that makes your day a bit more difficult every now and then. 438 more words


Fixing Broken Relationships

By Jasemine Knowles

Published in Houston Defender May 28, 2015.

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A teenager's fantasy

“I want you to go all the way.”

Is every male teenager’s fantasy (unless I am alone in my fantasies). Go all the way!  All the way! 916 more words

I Do Not Want To Love You, But I Do

You were never in love with me.

That should erase any lingering affection I solely reserve for you. That should resolve this agonized ache that burned painfully inside me. 492 more words

Sometimes I Still Feel The Sting Of You Leaving

The care-free air of summer began to cool as it made room for the falling leaves of autumn. I only wish I had known at the time that the seasons weren’t the only thing changing. 655 more words