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over again

it’s a stupid idea

to think i would forgive you

for what you did

ruined me 

broke me

shattered me into pieces

but it’s even more stupid… 35 more words


You said you’d die for me but when I needed your life to save mine, you lit your cigarette and said “Mind if I smoke while you die?”

constant heartbreak

My first heartbreak was watching love weigh down on my parents shoulders and knowing I wasn’t big enough to help them hold it back up. Falling to the ground and watching them through their nose which was also shared on my face. 226 more words


3 Things... April 5th, 2018

Jonathots Daily Blog


To Do When a Relationship Fails


Don’t be surrounded by friends who try to free you of responsibility. 108 more words

3 Things

By The Waters of Loneliness

It’s cold out here but worse inside.
And I have got no answers –
I hurt for you, my love, my pride,
But I have got no answers. 160 more words

Original Poems

Becoming Unstoppable

Perhaps the saddest thing about toxic relationships and long-term interactions with toxic people is that the victim will eventually believe that they are a victim with no way out. 39 more words

It's Time To Get Honest

A Letter to Maa !

When Gods fail to answer, Destiny does !… yes, the destiny does !

Thoughts were overflowing like anything for me, but I couldn’t scribble or write anything. 1,973 more words