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Daily Reflections

Life has so many twist and turns,  Right now, life is good.  In for a great weekend,  Four fun filled fantastic days and nights coming up starting tomorrow.   335 more words

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Sometimes the answer comes slowly

So, yea, still processing. Not so much as grieving, but processing.

The thought that tormented me was, how could I have been so wrong? Did I totally miss God on this one? 373 more words

The Answer Is In You, Not The Other Person

I must be honest that in picking a topic for this article, I simply chose the first thing that popped out of my head. It was intentional and precise. 710 more words


Living With Loss

Loss is a very real part of life. More than natural death, it is the feeling that someone or something dear to you has come to an untimely end. 710 more words

Issues Of Life

Mind Battles

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. -Milton

Ain’t that the truth

The Dark Before The Dawn... come quickly, dawn

We all have these little idiosyncrasies we do when we are hurting. You know, the things we do or say to ourselves to numb the pain of heartache. 988 more words

Day 3- The Scary Thing About Mr. Lahey is, I GET HIM! I AM HIM!

The lightheartedness of yesterday is gone, but I am still committed and feel somewhat solid in sobriety. I am treating myself very delicately; it is as if I am in an incubation cell. 680 more words