Tags » Broken Relationships

I wish I could name what I am trying to define...

Some links in the chain are not meant to be together for long. However much you try, those links either slip away or are broken. After multiple attempts of repairing you let it go and move on with a completely new set of links. 448 more words


Rowing A Boat With One Oar

Ever been in a relationship in which you find that you are investing much more of yourself than the other person is?

In a friendship, this can be troubling. 406 more words

Looking Back On Love

When looking back to times gone by,

to days and nights and evenings nigh:

all those times we allowed to go,

fade and fading into the sky. 108 more words


A Dark Love Note

Most girls dream about receiving a love note, but I doubt they’d be thrilled if one was written on their house in blood. I know I wasn’t. 576 more words


How she became a Poet

I turned off the television as the door opened. I had not been paying it much attention anyway but also because I could not wait to hear everything she had to say. 811 more words

Self Discovery

Little Girl

The muscles in my back contracted.

My breath went shallow.

My chest felt numb.

And my heart turned hollow.

All the words I heard,

Were cold as ice. 128 more words


The Good Old Days

Remember the good old days,

the ones that came before?

We had magnificent times,

until you shut the door.

We spent long hours together,

speaking honestly. 124 more words