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Have You Ever Felt Misunderstood?

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

Hi Fresh Manna Readers, I will be at a conference and following that, spending two weeks vacationing with my missionary children from Peru. 762 more words


Fear Is Not A Good Reason To Stay In A Broken Relationship

We all have fears – that is perfectly normal. Fear can be a great motivator. When I was in graduate school, the fear of an impending deadline certainly helped me craft a good paper. 316 more words

Shame On You For Playing With My Heart

I found calm amongst the vast ocean in your eyes. I wrapped myself up and got lost in the comfort of your existence to fend off the feeling of an empty heart. 700 more words

One-Sided Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about love this week. I’ve always been a thinker and I know I promised to get back to sharing my thoughts with you all (aside from the many product reviews) so here we are! 989 more words


Wardrobe (Half Empty or Full?)

emptiness falls out
on my head from a wardrobe
the top shelf was yours

© All rights reserved 2016


I Could Never Forgive You For The Time You've Taken From Me

I could never thank you for the time you’ve given me. It just doesn’t seem right when everything feels like a lie from the very beginning. 611 more words

The Truth About Heartbreak

There are just times you question yourself, you ask why certain things keep on happening to you? Do you deserve this much pain and how come this pain becomes unbearable for you? 388 more words