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Daily Reflections - Mercy on Me

i love this music video.  i will not  and i have no regrets although, i may need forgiveness!    Enough said.  This song is Mercy on Me by Christine Aguilera and i found this great video on you tube today.

Mature Readers 18+ Please.

Men vs Women ...or Not

One of the things I think I take for granted in my life is, I have good men in my life. From time to time as I write, I natural mention my husband. 1,461 more words


7 Quick Fixes To Resolve Your Damaged Relationship

If you’ve been feeling frustrated that your relationship is in trouble, don’t panic! Getting professional help from a counseling program or therapist may be important eventually, and it’s an option you should keep in mind. 533 more words

Steadfast Sister

Just a short note: I have changed the name of my blog and other social media. The other name just didn’t fit well. I would like to keep the same principles as I started out with, may change a few things as time goes on. 85 more words


Rapid Review: Revolutionary Road (2008)

“Look at us. We’re just like everyone else. We’ve bought into the same, ridiculous delusion.”
- April Wheeler

SYNOPSIS: Frank and April Wheeler always see themselves as far-removed from the conventionality of suburbia. 427 more words



Buckling ice distorts

reflection of geese above

fractured families


Grief - A Short Story

“Then without another word, he slowly shut the door”.

Miranda couldn’t believe it. She refused to believe it. Her Harry can’t be gone; he had just arrived.

282 more words
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