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To the person who used to be mine...

My ex-fiancé called me last week. He told me that his waiting game has come to an end so he’s moving on with another. Years passed and still,I felt the same old pain when I heard his voice. 793 more words

14 People On The Tiny (But Powerful) Thing That Healed Their Broken Relationship

1. “I started saying ‘sorry’ every time I screwed something up, even if it was something really small and trivial. And I hated doing it at first and hated how it sounded coming out of my mouth, but within days she was doing the same thing and we were able to get over silly fights so much sooner.” 636 more words


November 23, 2016

I was in the midst of a conversation with my son Ben a few days ago when he reminded me of the WW 1 story about soldiers on the two opposing sides who suspended their fighting during Christmas. 955 more words


she nearly fell for his crows,

she who played the game of thorns,

the cherry striped beneath her arms,

tell a story nobody can harm, 102 more words

Little Thoughts

The One Sentence Reason You Always End Up Alone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’re more of a handful than your partner originally thought.


You play it so cool at the beginning that your clinginess and neediness completely throw your partner off. 261 more words

Brokenhearted Bitterness

This post is about our fragile hearts and how easily they are broken and how we turn that brokenness into bitterness. Broken hearts are not exclusive to the romantic relationships.  665 more words


Not Meant To Last

I felt as if I needed one more day to recuperate from all the busy and preoccupied days. So I decided to take a day off and here I am, seated on a red sofa having a sip of coffee, a good book beside me, and my laptop…what a way to start the day, not to mention the breaded banana and the banana bread on the plate. 544 more words

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