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Raging Rivers

Like cold air settling in, settling on, stealing away

each remnant of summer’s warmth,

realization of divergent paths awakened in waves

faster than the swift water that tumbled over… 117 more words


Boat of Undoing

Here’s the thing. Right now, you’re on the boat I’ve wanted to sail through the vast seas with but will never go around to really riding it. 237 more words


To My First Heartbreak

I find you in the lyrics of the songs I listen to each night. When the sun has set and the lights are turned off, you are the tears that flow freely out of my eyes. 115 more words


Her Resolve

She’s bright in her resolve to mend their future,

With strength of will, she’ll make them a new day —

But she can’t fix the part of him that’s broken: 8 more words

Original Poems

Christians vs Romantics vs God

I did it. I shouldn’t have, but I did. I read another blog about “happy marriage”. No I didn’t read it for ideas, I read it to see how much I would disagree with it. 1,031 more words

Last Night Was Brutal (G-uno)

By the time I got to her house she had already opened her first bottle of wine, and as she poured her next glass she asked me “Why?” I stood there frozen in time. 380 more words

Stains: A Poem

I tipped out the rainbow coloured world
Into my red-flushed, pale blotched palm.
Then possessively I curled
My fingers shut around each tiny sphere.

Like a greedy miser, I held the wealth… 212 more words

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