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Feuding Friends

I’ve been dealing with some awkwardness lately.  A few friends had a falling out and they’re no longer speaking and while I’m still friends with all of them, there’s a kind of tension. 310 more words


but days i see the longing

i fool myself sometimes, i think.

as though the past is gone,

and we have made it through

our patch of rough —

but days i see the longing in you – 11 more words

Original Poems

He is the God that Heals by Sarah Young

I AM A GOD WHO HEALS, I heal broken bodies, broken minds, broken hearts, broken lives and broken relationships. My very Presence has immense healing powers. 205 more words


Betrayal From A Known Place

Have you ever disowned someone you loved, someone only months before you would fight for?  I have.  I could write story after story about broken relationships—things you would relate to—but I will spare you those narratives.   447 more words

Spiritually Speaking

Our Chemistry Turned The World To Ash

I often think my ability to romanticize everything is a curse. You could break my heart into a million pieces and yet I’d still find a way to make you beautiful. 299 more words


He stood in the doorway of the healing room admiring the view of her naked backside.  Her golden hair fell almost to the center of her back and he marveled at how the tresses swayed as she reached her arms up to put them through the sleeves of her thin sweater. 881 more words

Fiction Writing

Every little line

It was a long shot anyway, kinda silly
got wrapped up in fantasy
lost my sense of reality
but you really had me
you really did… 162 more words