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Removing Ego=Healing Relationships

For most of my life, I didn’t have a very close relationship with my mother.  I often resented her for not being the kind of mother I needed her to be.   246 more words


Forgiveness or Unforgiveness

There are many people who are struggling with heartache, from traumatic experiences, broken relationships – be it with a married or unmarried partners, or with parents, siblings, blood relatives or friends, work colleagues, even other church members, leaders.   772 more words

Book 3

Love Deep Down in Her Bones

She leans over him
so close she can
still smell her milk
on his breath.

Inhaling deeply, she parts
the shroud of silence
that separates them… 211 more words

"The Girl on the Train". . . . . . a film

I had not read the book and had been told the plot only that  this is similar to GONE GIRL. It is not and way more dark and sinister . 138 more words

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb.

As much as I would like to claim that I’m a sophisticated person who loves museums, I’m not.

I fell asleep while walking along the rows of painting at the world-renowned Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. 747 more words


Family: a tale

Part I

No need for plans.

See you whenever.

Doors are always open.

Walk in, put on the kettle.

You know where the biscuits stay. 404 more words