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Finally There Was Silence

“Finally, there was silence,

but all I could do is cry.”


It's Time To Get Honest

Never The Same Smile

when you came back

the hugs were as tight, soul leaning into god’s eternity

the kisses were as sweet, dipped in the honey dewed spring… 43 more words

My Poetry

Eros & Psyche

Just a quarter of an inch across and I’d have been pulling up daisies. Eros is packing some serious heat these days, a fact to which the hole in my living room wall attests. 356 more words

Tony Single

What To Do Now?

And what do I do now, she thought.

After a lifetime of walking by your side and matching your steps,

I realise that wasn’t the path I wanted to take. ~Honesty Warrior

It's Time To Get Honest

I Mourn

Oh, how I mourn
a relationship
I never had;
I dream of days
I never owned.
How can true love
fall apart?
I reflected how… 112 more words

Poems By Me

10 Reasons Why Two Damaged People Can Survive Together

1. Damaged people can relate to each other. While it can be a challenge to fulfill each other’s needs without focusing on your own, broken people know how it feels to have issues that no one else seems to understand. 680 more words

Be A Woman Who Knows When To Leave

I was with my friends last weekend for a catch-up date, when one of my friend, in the middle of our conversation about our relationships she said “I am actually not happy anymore, I am just staying in the relationship for my child.” 579 more words