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Hot Guys: Attraction and Devastation 

Plenty of my memories and stories from my childhood have to do with my one particular brother who is about a year difference in age from me. 1,297 more words

Social Media: Death of Relationships

Relationship: the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Social Media

Social media has become such a huge factor in relationships that physical interaction is almost unheard of. 379 more words


Do People Matter in Modern Christianity?

There are echoing words of one mother who said to my husband and I “No one has answered him these questions before.”  We had the privilege of meeting this family, just a few months ago. 1,377 more words


* A dreadful prophecy

Today’s local paper featured a senseless murder (is there any other kind?) in which one man stabbed an acquaintance during a bar fight.  Friends reported that… 218 more words

Behavior Modifiers

For the brokenhearted

I was inspired to write this post after I recently lost a close friendship that I’d had for years. I believe it ended due to miscommunication as well as hurtful words that were exchanged. 1,174 more words

Food For Thought

Communion and Gethsemane's Tears

The other day I stopped at my mom’s house early in the morning. She was already off and gone for the day, but she had left her coffee in the coffee pot and it was still warm. 1,775 more words


Mending broken turn ons

Once upon a time, I was yours. I was anybody’s really. I was without and void and not inside myself. Once upon a time shenanigans and ego play was courtship. 90 more words