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Aftermath of a Break-Up - Part I

HNG decided he needs to ‘take a step back’ which he describes as not boyfriend-girlfriend, but still getting together and doing things, talking, seeing where things go from there.  684 more words


#8 Shayari

“वो न जाने किस साज़ से बनी थी,
उस तार से मिलने वाले सुर, अब बेसुरे से लगते हैं”

Hindi/Urdu Poetry

Ann Landers on Alcohol

The Most Clever Thief in the World!

I invited her into our home for special occasions. We’d become good friends, I thought. And then I began to look forward to our meeting at the end of each day. 426 more words


How My Bridesmaids Broke My Heart

Three years ago today, I loaded my silver Honda with my closest “friends” and set off in search of the perfect lace clad dress for my bridesmaids. 854 more words

This Is What You Learn About Love When You're A Child Of Divorce

About 40 to 50% of married couples get divorced. In 2006, my parents joined that statistic.

There is no way to sugar coat it – divorce is horrible. 935 more words

How to rehab a relationship

Do you have relationships that need rehab?  There is help!  Fellowship!

In the very first account of how the earliest Christians interacted with one another, … 900 more words