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I’m No Longer In Love With You, And For Now That’s Okay

I don’t want to feel guilty for saying this. I don’t want to see your tear-stained cheeks, your bloodshot eyes, and your quivering lip. I don’t want to hear your apologies, your pleas, your empty promises that never held much truth to them. 476 more words

Transforming thought: Worry Less. Trust More.

Jesus doesn’t promise us that life as a believer will be easy, as a matter of fact, we are told that it will be a life full of struggles and difficulties. 1,078 more words

Bad Health

Broken Promises

I have been married three times. Unfortunately, I know the deep pain of broken
promises and breaking promises. Broken vows come with devastating consequences. Some memories take years to heal, and I still occasionaly struggle with the tidal wave of grief and loss for those earthly relationships and covenants that were never created to be shattered. 524 more words

Life Lessons

If You Were a REAL Christian, You Wouldn't Doubt

In my experience, there’s one thing that is seldom, if ever, discussed in Evangelical Christian circles: doubt. If mentioned at all, it’s said with a disapproving tone and usually accompanied with a head shake that is supposed to convey genuine sadness and grief over “that poor backslider” who had “such a strong relationship with Jesus”, but usually is just a poor justification for judgement and isolation for those who are either seriously struggling with fundamental beliefs or who have left the faith and are slowly publicizing it to friends, family, and other members of their community. 767 more words

Young Adulthood


Unwanted.  Set aside.  Abandoned.   Words no one ever wants to hear or experience.  Agonizing.  Painful.

Maybe you’ve listened to a friend as she shared these heart-wrenching words about a spouse, “He didn’t want me anymore.”  Maybe you’ve  been a shoulder to cry on as you comforted someone whose long-time friend abandoned the relationship.  717 more words


I No Longer Remember The Taste Of Your Lips And That’s Okay

I can’t remember the last time we kissed. Well, actually, I can, but I remember it as more of an out of body experience. We were about two wine bottles in, my iPod was about four Bon Iver songs in, and you were too many lines in. 466 more words

When I Was A Sad Child

When I was a sad child,
I lived basically with depression
Pessimism was my lifestyle
I trusted everyone except myself
I spoke failure even before it came… 202 more words