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She uses your words.
The same ones you gave
to me.
And I question how special
they ever could’ve been.
How stupid I must
look… 13 more words


Life After HIV...What Happens Now?

3 weeks ago I wrote a post about my being HIV positive, but I didn’t really expand much beyond the difficulty that I had with coming to terms with that. 628 more words


Grandiose Plans

I always have the best plans and intentions and goals…and perhaps I am a little too optimistic (although sometimes I think the world in general could use a little more optimism, but I digress). 316 more words


You Say (poem)

You say You returned it

You truly believe it was the right thing to do.

You didn’t stop to think of ownership

or past relationships… 157 more words

The Little Things

(So the other day, I blogged about the baby author steps I have taken and how one of those steps was to open a checking account for my books and help grow that account paycheck by paycheck) 268 more words

Redeeming Trust

When the time is right...

“I think we should just break up.”

Although the words alone were quite sufficient in stirring up  a storm inside, her sobs and tears through the call came at me like thunder and rain. 266 more words


The Cost of Loving Him

My body and my mind bear witness to the abuse I suffered, marred as they are by both  visible and invisible scars.

I used to avoid looking in mirrors because I couldn’t bear to see my disfiguring scars. 500 more words