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My Roots are Showing

Don’t worry…my hair is fine. I still make sure to keep it blonde.

Recently, one of my closest friends, who is as amazing a writer as she is a person, recently, she followed her heart and moved to Texas. 252 more words

Writer's Thoughts

The Trouble with Time

As I write this, I have seven drafts of novels that are “done” enough for me to move them from the “to be written” pile to the “To Be Revised” pile (and of course, makes room for more novel ideas to be put in the “To Be Written” pile, but before I do that — keep in mind friends, I have over 25 novels that are just in the “started” phase — just a chapter or two on each of them) so before I take an idea and give it some chapters to go into the “To Be Written” pile, I need to take some of those seven drafts and take them from the “To Be Revised” pile to the “To Be Published” pile, which is, of course the ultimate goal for all of them. 398 more words

Writer's Thoughts

'Echoes of a drama'

Another lie, and broken night

Tears in one’s eyes, another fight -

Within twenty nights more than thirty lies,

Ten thousand tears shed by one pair of eyes. 210 more words


Another Box

Just another box with memories inside…
Painful, unwanted, now must be pushed aside.
So tired of carrying these as a reminder…
If only people would learn to be kinder… 6 more words



Keep the pain inside, buried down deep
You smile, and wait until everyone is asleep
Finally alone, the gates open, and you begin to weep… 33 more words


You smile
you lie
wait for a while
stare at the sky
give you my trust
broken again and again
give me your word
it’s just for appearances… 32 more words



It was all for nothing, all that I tried.
A false sense of security, an infinite lie.
Charlatan, backstabber, thoughtless, selfish fool.
You’re a monster, a liar, a demon’s tool. 69 more words