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Therapeutic rupture

Trust is hard earned for abuse survivors and so often broken.

Some therapeutic ruptures are important representations for what happens in our lives outside therapy. Others are recreations of our original hurt and add more wounds.

What Is Therapy Like


In the 40 years I have been on this planet, I have learned a thing or two about myself and one of the most definitive lessons I have learned is that I need to be held accountable and not by just me. 327 more words

Writer's Thoughts

Redeeming Trust

So when I published Broken Trust in May of this year, I included the first chapter of Redeeming Trust as a teaser and included a note about how the sequel would be out in September of 2015. 423 more words

Writer's Thoughts

(Very Brief) Adventures in Dating: Mr. Freaky, Part 1

I feel like I’ve been teasing about my epic stumblings into dating for awhile. So I’ve finally decided to tell it because 1) I have a bit of writers block but I still have the urge to write, and 2) It might be entertaining to someone. 1,361 more words


Trusting in the Unknown

The unknown

how scary

and yet

exhilarating it is

Some people crave

the adrenaline rush

and others try to avoid it as much a possible… 125 more words