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Burn Away

The essence of your dying love has made me lose all the faith…

Your touch, your heart, your soul were all fake as it’s been clear from your sight which holds only hate… 81 more words

Broken Heart


I am afraid,
Terrified actually,
What if I give you my heart?
And you crush it to pieces,
It has happened before,
It will happen again, 113 more words


30 Days of Author Gratitude: Characters

Kind of along the same lines as my gratitude for readers blog, I suppose a novelist could have a book without characters…I am just not sure how that would work… 345 more words

Writer's Thoughts

30 Days of Author Gratitude: Future Plans

“The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades” (Timbuk3)

Sorry if this gets in anyone’s head…and I am not even sure if the artist meant it as positive as most people take it, but when I think about my future plans, this is the phrase that pops in my head. 359 more words

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30 Days of Author Gratitude: My Readers

Where would any author be without readers? I know I would still writer — I love my stories and characters and have loved them long before anyone else gets to…but it would be a bit like teaching to an empty classroom…so much to say and no one to listen. 279 more words

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Regrouping: Changing Circumstance

I was writing a chapter this morning happy.

I guess sadness follows me and doesn’t want to let go.

Now I am balling in tears again, 979 more words


30 Days of Gratitude: Teaching Jobs

In the 19 years I have taught, I have had jobs at 8 different schools, and I have taught anything and everything that had any kind of writing, any sort of analyzing, critical thinking, research (pretty much the gamut of General Education courses that weren’t math or science). 297 more words

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