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Broken Trust – Can You Survive An Affair?

Cheers Sexy People!

Soooo I’m ready to talk about something here on my ethical non-monogamy blog. As you may have guessed from recent posts… I got cheated on. 1,324 more words


When Things Break, Sometimes They Break Forever

If you drop your phone and crack the screen, there is a multi-million dollar industry for cell phone repair. Some things can be fixed, with a cost. 670 more words

Life Events

Killing off Characters --when it's needed, when it's not (A-Z blog)

Different authors have different feelings about this and as with everything I have said and will say about the writing process, you have to find what works for you. 343 more words

Writer's Thoughts

Jac and Jyn (my first fictional characters) (A-Z blog)

**I missed yesterday…too much going on…but I am lucky there are more days in April than there are letters in the alphabet.**

We all remember our first love, first real heart break, first time we fell down, first time we…well, I think we get the picture. 401 more words

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Characterization -- Make them Real (A-Z blog)

One of the best compliments I have heard about my characters recently was that they seem so real, my reader wished she could invite them out to lunch. 388 more words

Writer's Thoughts

My Poisoned Heart...

All she wanted was a fairy tale. All she got was a broken heart. A heart broken by the lies, lack of respect. A heart broken by Trust. 269 more words