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I had to reinvent myself when you left but I still believe even though your lies.

Everybody asks me if there will be a second chance, but you broke the wrong girl. 293 more words

Bella's Reflex

I cared, yesterday

If I can say I care,
then that was yesterday,
If I could just be there,
then now I’ll go another way,
If I could say “How’re you?” 118 more words


what you may seek...


though simple they should be –

answers can be complicated.

sometimes one must read


the inside and outside

of words…

and the lines and the spaces… 28 more words


One for the day...


Today, something snapped
I felt it go;

I remembered I am
and I am not.

Today, I became certain
of uncertainty;

Tomorrow lost its grip… 17 more words


Separation Anxiety

There is an issue within churches today that causes much confusion amongst followers. That issue being division. Besides all of us being under the banner of Christ, we are broken up because of our theological and doctrinal stance. 623 more words


We can do wonders, if we want to,
And we have the capability to save
10 lives in every minute we spend
Breathing, and I think that is… 235 more words