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When The Lonely Takes Over

I’m alive, but I’m not living.

I’m lost in a crowd. I can’t see where I am or where I’m supposed to go.

The loneliness comes at night, … 339 more words

Mental Health

day 157 . hate filled eyes

don’t let the demons scare you

for I am one of them

just fall into my arms

ignore the toxic talons

forget the gentle pierce… 55 more words


Anxiety: The Peace Killer

For me anxiety makes my world fall apart. It could be the littlest thing that I blow into huge proportions and I’m stressed and can’t breathe. 518 more words

Be Kind to my gentle heart

Be kind to my gentle heart,

for it is quite fragile

It has been shattered too many times,

too many times it has been played, 100 more words

Nostalgia (12/2/2016)




I dream of you still.
I dream you want me back.
That you’re sad.
That you are depressed without me.

Every time I wake up from them, 340 more words


~You Broke My Heart~

Living this way

The heaviness


Your rejection

Sliced away defense

Tears flow daily

How long

This pain


My Lost Love, My Ghost

I live in the shadows with you… 23 more words

Human Behavior