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i just want to release

all this pain and sadness

you know i’m not a good actress

i can’t pretend anymore

i don’t want to see you forevermore… 8 more words


Avoidance = Safe

I’ve been loved

by someone

When I wanted

to be free

And I’ve loved someone


When clearly

they didn’t

love me

I couldn’t find…

42 more words
Kait King Author

plates and broken

what is the attitude

and polished as its own embrace

and long as its own finding

and fault as its own being

and best as it was the secure… 45 more words


~You Broke My Heart~

Living this way

The heaviness


Your rejection

Sliced away defense

Tears flow daily

How long

This pain


My Lost Love, My Ghost

I live in the shadows with you… 22 more words

Human Behavior

Broken Rainbow

Photo by Tommy Stone

Tommy titled this photo “Broken Rainbow”, and it gave me a new perspective on rainbows. His photographs give me a new perspective on a lot of things. 335 more words



Slow motion

I watch as my grandmother’s vase slips from my fingers.
I am able to fumble it and save it from shattering.
But it is still broken. 260 more words