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The Thunderstorms of Anger

Anger… It thunders. It’s loud, and comes with a torrential downpour.

Sometimes there is warning; a rumble in the distance to let you know it’s coming, but overall it’s a downpour, and it’s difficult to control. 195 more words



Yesterday I broke.

Although I have been broken for quite some time, yesterday was a complete breakdown.  The whys and hows don’t really matter, just suffice to say that a fairly minor (in the grand scheme of things) event occurred.  495 more words


Dealings (Poem)

The foggiest minds of madmen are;

Quite foggy, say they fog too far;

When customers come looking for help;

You humiliate them; their face you skelp. 105 more words


Creative Portfolio Post 3

There are many benefits to using a tablet and utilizing digital drawing programs compared to traditional art. For example, color choice is expanded infinitely by using digital programs. 214 more words

Twitchy, Angry and Losing Sight

Today is a continuation of how my week ended.  I seemed to have fun yesterday when I went out for drinks, removed & distracted myself from my internal dialogues and socialized, but I’m back to being in my head. 379 more words


I’ve lost so many friends this year. And I wonder, is it my fault? And I don’t want to know the answer to that question. Is it because we were never truly friends in the first place? 92 more words


Life taught me

Life taught me to start to live apart,

Because the ones loved dearly soon depart.

All has an end which had a start,
Leaving me always with an empty broken heart.

@collywobbles02 💎