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The Broken Heart

Will the broken heart learn to trust again?

Clearing the seed of doubt to remain sane;

Will the fragile mind hold the gnawing pain?

Flowing mindlessly across every vein! 104 more words


I don’t want to hurt anymore.

How can I still be in love with someone that’s not even in love with me anymore?

I’m a hopeless romantic. 321 more words

Perangkap Hati

Kamu memerangkap hatiku dalam sebuah tabung kaca yang tertutup erat. Memenjarakannya hingga tak bisa berlari bebas. Aku bisa merasakan kamu mengawasiku setiap saat, setiap waktu. Memastikan aku tak ke mana-mana. 210 more words



I thought maybe you would save me
from myself
Instead you sent me running
deep inside myself
Until someone came climbing out
I’d never met
and much preferred

2.10.16 tm



Hollianne and I were recently driving back from a dinner when a semi truck threw a rock into my windshield.

The impact created a crack that was less than an inch long.   271 more words

To the broken hearted blogger

I peruse around this blogosphere
Time after time I see you in despair
Each cut deeper than the next
That last one through white meat… 80 more words


I thought wrong 

“you make me feel pathetic”

I told him, I looked him in the eyes and I told him.

“I’m sorry”

He says as he looks away, he breaks the eye contact. 389 more words