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People That Understand

So I’ve noticed a few of my readers/likers/followers on here are in pretty similar situations to me.

I just want to say, that I hate it. 286 more words

Love Problems

I Needed A Savior, Do You?

A couple things that come to mind when the word savior is brought up are; somebody who lifts you up, who strengthens you, who’s always there for you when you have nobody else, and somebody to encourage and love you no matter what happens. 2,345 more words


I can't comprehend...

How in the world we were planning to get married…

Trying, literally trying to have a baby together

Build a life together…

Putting our finances together something I’ve never done with anyone… 689 more words

July, Bring It On! (Life can be hard, and still good!)

It’s July! It’s hot! It’s sweaty season. Ooooooof. Ok, let’s be honest, I’m not a fan. I was informed by a friend that my ideal temperature situation leads him to believe I should live in Southern California. 666 more words

Not okay..

So I’ve been a complete idiot for the longest time possible and didn’t do any writing. Although, in my defense, I was nursing a broken heart and a sick body. 271 more words

Broken is now available!!

After a long wait it’s finally available for purchase in eBook form, just follow the links below. This book will also be available in paperback form soon too so stayed tuned for more information on that and links. 369 more words

The Onyx Wolves


I have a lot of things in my mind right now that’s why I can’t continue with the writing challenge just yet and I am also busy with my classes. 204 more words