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Radio Cure

My world is shaking around me

The once lucid and mystically colorful lights

Began emitting radioactive waves

That shook and shook my world

Till the dust of the fallen fogged my eyes… 214 more words



I wish you had known me before I was broken.

Because I was a soul like no other.

I was the shiniest of stars in the night sky. 44 more words



How did I get here? How did we get here? Why are humans so cruel to one another? Why do we disrespect one another and treat each other like we don’t even matter. 565 more words


Poetry #9

My everything

We almost kissed

But out of respect we stopped

Our hands almost touched

But someone pulled him away from me

We almost became an item… 40 more words



Radio plays
songs of mockery,
as the strings
of my heart
comes undone.


our aching heart void that only God can fill #thedailyhaiku 19

Hearts are such fragile things, easily hurt and wounded, broken and crushed. Our brokenness means we all have an aching heart, whether we sense it or not. 342 more words


Birthing of a Troubled Mind

“You’re empty, useless boy.”

“You don’t have a brain.”

“You are going to suffer if you leave this place.”

“Stupid boy.”

“If one wants to live with an animal let him just know he’s living with one” 1,118 more words