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An Oath.

God, just give me a meaning to wake up everyday. I’m scared to go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning feeling dead. 145 more words


A Work of Fiction 2.0


This is what everybody thought for her to be. God had been pretty generous to her, and her entire clan in that department. And she was nothing but proud, very proud of that fact. 981 more words



Nothing but your promises hung hollow in thin air

Corrupting the only blues, I held true.

Tried as you might, your charade was the brute I embraced near. 167 more words

A Woman's Worth

I remember the first time he broke her. The first time she found out that he wasn’t this prince charming. It wasn’t when she was laying there crying and waiting for him to come home, night after night. 310 more words


I want to feel again....

Once upon a time, I knew this woman that would do just about anything for the man she loved. Even when she was the unhappiest person alive she would fall at his feet making sure that he got everything he wanted. 296 more words



for a second
or perhaps longer
i thought i lost part of me
you completed me
fixed my broken pieces together
mended my shattered heart

it happened
until the point
i felt like i lost you
i don't want to let you go
or i know that i can't even when i want to

i swear it hurts to think of it


I didn’t know I was emotionally unstable until I met you. They always said I didn’t react the same as everyone else, but it was cool. 160 more words