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No interest 

Today someone showed interest in me. It’s not the first time since the breakup, but it was the first time he didn’t give up so quickly. 498 more words


When you just found the slightest hope and chance of recovering..another problem comes up!! Yey!!

I’ve been trying to make myself happy, but life won’t just let me!!


It is both a blessing and a curse
To know the worse
To no longer fear the hearse
And simply bleed from the wound I nurse


Berlin Broken #49

It starts again,
I’m not your fan.

I’ve got my own life,
I don’t need your approval, your high five.

I want to be bigger than that, 6 more words


Why Getting My Heart Broken By A Stranger Is A Blessing

Have you ever felt that you’ve passed on so much opportunity when it comes to loving? That you know by heart that you’ve met a bunch of good guys for the past few years but it just doesn’t feel right. 625 more words


Buried dreams

I buried that dream
in the field
of lost ideals
like thousand pieces of
broken glass
I covered it with soil
knowing it will not grow… 51 more words


Thoughts In a Psychiatric Hospital

I’m an incompetent complication. I fucking suck. What am I doing here? You mean to say that I can decipher the poems of the late greats like John Donne and Andrew Marvell but I can’t figure out my own, in comparison, minuscule mind?! 57 more words