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Being a secret, good or bad.?

I need comments on this.!!

Is being a guys secret good or bad.?

I’m technically no longer single but not to the public…

He told me how he felt fully tonight and said he would put away the age factor and see where it goes practically. 163 more words


You Make Me Feel Broken

This post is directed at no one in particular, but is a general response to the way autism is portrayed in society and media.

Yesterday I listened to a speaker who talked about handling rejection. 300 more words


Nature vs Nurture

dripping blood. it’s that time of month again
and a full moon too
insanity drenched in intensity. madness and delusion times two
warped theater danced full with emotion… 147 more words



I hurt. I hurt so bad it’s hard for me to breathe. You cannot fathom the pain I feel within my heart to know that I am no longer yours. 493 more words



My daddy came home drunk
a couple nights a week
angry and screaming
my mother’s name on his lips
telling her that he knew
of all the dirty things she did… 229 more words



World of passion and insanity.
Held together by my tiny silhouette.
The world in here larger than the one out there.
It screams for release. 121 more words


First post

I chose to write this blog because one of my great friends suggested it and because I am heart broken. I have been single for a little over a month now and I’m not dealing well with this situation. 235 more words