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via Daily Prompt: Trance

It’s over. The fair is over, and the trance is fading. When it comes to county fair, we’re all in a trance. 638 more words

Tiny Pinkie Surgery: The Birth of FrankenPinkie

So I did end up getting pinkie surgery and I now have a stitched up tendon and some pins put in to make sure the bone heals (turns out the two pieces had never been reattached). 297 more words

We have sat for hours

Not a word’s been said,

Yet your embrace is what i crave

Even if our discussions are dead.
I slowly rise…

55 more words

crumbled to pieces-not a pie recipe

Not that long ago my life was perfect.I was strong and healthy and in love.I had enough to live the simple life I always preferred.I was able to earn what I needed for a living as a single mom of four,I rented home,a little garden and we had pets.I got married again and all was well. 1,156 more words


Au revoir, Mon Ami

When do you call someone, a friend?

Are there requirements to label people as your friend?

Based upon Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a friend is, “A person whom one knows, likes and trusts.” But to all, Friendship has no defined terminology. 309 more words

Story Time

melting masks

We polish our masks
with the broken pieces
of our starry skies.
When it rains, the paint
runs down their cheeks
like tears, as if masks could feel, 63 more words


Unanswered questions.

You know I adore you,

No matter what happened,

I know its water,

Running under the bridge,

It doesn’t help me to understand,

What I done to make you turn your back, 63 more words