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Thomas A. Wakefield

I added a brief new page on Thomas A. Wakefield, who was a broker, automobile dealer and confectioner.

He operated a confectionery and lived at… 13 more words


Buying Now in PDX?

The spring frenzy in real estate has finally subsided! What does this mean for those looking to buy?

-Inventory is increasing therefore…

-Reductions in price! Plus: 63 more words

Easiest Way to Burn Money in Real Estate – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – One of the large mentorship programs – and star of a reality TV house flipping show – preaches debt stacking your real estate… 1,050 more words

Becoming a Day Trader - It's official! I have created my first broker account.

That is right! My mentor sent me a link via email, and i followed everything to set up a new account, funding it with a whopping $50! 34 more words

Wholesaling Real Estate in its Simplest Form is Just Getting Houses Under Contract

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – A decade ago I got home from a night out with friends, It was after 2am and I was not tired so I turned on the tube. 891 more words

When is the Best Time to Get Your Real Estate License? – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – Is early summer or late winter the best time to get your new real estate license for the first time? A common question we get is if a new or experienced investor should take the time to get their real estate license. 1,051 more words