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Trump Confirms He'll Bring Gingrich on Board

Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio, where he gave the crowd some information that got a roaring response. He said, “In one form or another, New Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.” Trump continued, praising Gingrich, saying, “he’s smart, he’s tough, he gets it…and he says I’m the biggest thing he’s ever seen in the history of politics.” We all know that for Trump, this is a cherry on top. 300 more words

GOP Mutiny Against Trump Could Put Hillary in White House

In an alarming development it looks as though the idea to steal the nomination from Donald Trump at next month’s Republican national convention is back on the table. 592 more words

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Never Trump Zombies Return from the Dead after Hugh Hewitt Calls for Convention Rules Change

In proof that a week can be an eternity in politics, it seemed it was only a days ago that it appeared that the Never Trump movement was dead and buried. 501 more words

War On Trump

Political Ghoul James Carville Hints at Plot to Derail Trump Nomination

Former Clinton administration ghoul and political operative turned pundit James Carville has hinted that Donald Trump may be deprived of the Republican nomination at the upcoming convention. 423 more words