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55: Tired

On the other hand, the Zen masters always say that you cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water.  So something was telling me it would be spiritually negligent to run off now, when so much was happening right here in this small, cloistered place where every minute of the day is organized to facilitate self-exploration and devotional practice.

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54: Drunk

“I dreamt that you were on fire,” Delia said, “and that your bed was on fire, too.  I jumped up to try to help you, but by the time I got there, you were nothing but white ash.”

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Cruising L.A... From The Ravine...To K-Town...To The Miracle Mile...With KID N DREI...

Cruising Thursday…

With Kid N Drei…

Featuring…As Always…

 Kid Marley Marlz…

Top of the 1st…

 Kid Marley Marlz on the hill, from The Ravine. Like Kid K does frequently inside The Ravine, Kid Marley, or should Drei say, Kid Beats, starts us off as we go Cruising through L.A., … 880 more words


[ Vignette ] When The Sunset Told The Lie

Title || When The Sunset Told The Lie

Author || Alana

Maincast || Oh Sehun feat Kim Jongin

Support Cast || Kim Joonmyun

Genre || Romance || Angst… 2,841 more words


Fandango: the History of Friendship

“I’m not really sure how we are going to stay out of jail.”  Jeff said, then he turned around and walked off.  The green Border Patrol Bronco bounced up the trail and stopped. 1,169 more words


[ Ficlet ] Fractal

Title ||  Fractal

Author || Alana

Main Cast ||  Oh Sehun feat Byun Baekhyun

Length || Ficlet

Genre || Bromance

Rated || G

Disclaimer || I Own Nothing But The Story… 623 more words



Hyung, how do you think about this?


“Kim Sunggyu-sii, bisa kau menghadap kesini? Kami belum menngambil gambar depanmu.”

“Kim Sunggyu-sii…”

Suara jepretan dan blitz yang berasal dari kamera para wartawan terdengar saling bersahutan di aula gedung tersebut. 2,829 more words