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Crevlock Tower: Chapter Fourteen

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Shoch is staring into the fireplace. Jonac’s fireplace, that is. We’re guests in his chamber now—he’s not sending us back to the cell. 1,206 more words


The good kind of hurt

This is a blogger I could read over and over (and I have). Walt has a way with words that allow me to feel every moment, taste the rain, and immerse myself into a world that is truly unique to such gifted writers – the world of imagination. 64 more words


Mohammad Nazim and Avinesh Rekhi's Dostana!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s Mohammad Nazim and Madhubala famed Avinesh Rekhi share a unique bond! The duo have been friends for quite a while and are not afraid to flaunt their bromance. 166 more words

What's Happenin'

Crevlock Tower: Chapter Thirteen

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It’s almost morning by the time we shuffle back into Crevlock Tower. I half expect to be taken back to my cell—no reason Jonac can’t interrogate me and Shoch there—but instead he leads us into a private chamber. 1,163 more words


You Never Hold My Hand And Skip With Me

The Saudi kingdom is not very happy with President Obama or the United States right now. In the past, the Saudi king literally held hands with president Bush. 328 more words

The good kind of hurt

First trip up was in the U-Haul. She drove. I rode shotgun. Had a few breakdowns along the way, not mechanical. I said the wrong thing, her pupils shrank, she went shields up, pulled onto the shoulder, unbuckled her seatbelt, ran back into the cargo space with her furniture and boxes. 1,025 more words


Crevlock Tower: Chapter Twelve

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I stand by the body. By Alecnu, that is. I don’t have any prayers for him—I wouldn’t know who to pray to, even—but he deserves some companionship while we wait for Guardsman Deferential to return with a proper shroud. 1,231 more words