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Hwarang (화랑) Review

This is a review for the drama. Find the Currently Watching article here.

Hwarang has finally reached its (confusing) end. There were many things that made no sense and some tiny things that made me stick with the drama. 692 more words


I Love My Boyfriend

The title of this post is not meant to be misleading. It doesn’t mean I’m in love with him (but quite possibly heading that way). It seems that all my past failed relations and years of purposefully staying single for fear of getting hurt has caused me to be untrusting when I am told things. 355 more words



My laughter. That’s one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. It’s not the same laugh for every situation or joke. It can be sarcastic, cheeky, joyful, surprised. 234 more words


Review: Tales of Vesperia (video game)

Current mood: fuck my life…

…bc goddamn ToV is too good. PS: Don’t let Flynn cook. EVER. And also that’s Patty, a PS3 exclusive playable character, but she’s largely unrelated to the story… so… 3,119 more words


My favourite bookish bromances | Because romantic relationships aren't always everything.

Hello everyone! I hope your Monday has been amazing, and, for those of you in Canada celebrating family day, I hope that has been great as well. 1,345 more words

Book Snacks Fun

Manchester City - Bromance #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity...

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Bleach: The Bromance Edition

Spoilers Ahead

Yumichika and Ikkaku

Loyal and crazy and where one is the other is not far behind. They’re both squad 11 and have no intention of leaving. 764 more words

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