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Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 7

There are many online sites dedicated to stylishly dressed elderly men. I thought I should dedicate a post to Uncle Nan. While he is not what I called the handsomest man alive, his fashion is something I do love. 24 more words


Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 6

It’s official. Wei Qingyang has become one of my favorite characters in Bromance. Cool but not cold. Caring but not overbearing. Observant but not intrusive. 365 more words


[LYRICS] Miu Chu and Andrew Tan - Quietness

Miu Chu and Andrew Tan – Quietness

Language : Mandarin
Released: 2015
Lyrics: Tian Le
Composition: Miu Chu, Andrew Tan

Huò xǔ rì zi zǒng shì nán yǐ xìng cún… 926 more words


Ketika Sungjae BTOB Kangen Nam Joo Hyuk

Sungjae BTOB mengungkapkan rasa kangennya terhadap aktor Nam Joo Hyuk.

Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan “Section TV” yang tayang 7 Februari lalu di MBC, Sungjae menjelaskan bahwa dirinya ingin kembali bermain disebuah project yang sama dengan Nam Joo Hyuk. 107 more words


The Horned Gate: Chapter Thirty-Nine

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I don’t let go of Conner. The link between us—the chain—is way stronger now. So strong I can almost touch it. Fuck, I can almost see it. 1,745 more words

The Horned Gate

Lonely boy (Poetry)

All my life
I wanted to be friends
with other boys.
But, I failed.

I was “not manly enough”.
My sweet behaviour
was taken for romantic. 91 more words


The Horned Gate: Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Conner makes it to the door first. Bastard’s got longer strides than me. And I fucking slip on the blood. I slip and I’m falling and I can’t breathe and I’m not going to get out of here on time and that shadowy thing is right behind me— 2,174 more words

The Horned Gate