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On Kenzo and Bailey and On Gender Roles and Expectations Evolution.

I think it’s offensive that people today, especially men, are somewhat close-minded particularly in the issue about Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey May of the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother. 436 more words

Bailey May

Shawshank vs. Titanic

I have long been of the opinion that if you want to join a discussion about the best movie ever made, there is a certain number you should first reach. 482 more words


Review - Bromance - Barely Methodical Troupe at Udderbelly

Summer is rolling on, and the circus acts keep rolling into the Southbank. With two venues to fill – the Spiegeltent (for the “Wunderground”) and the Udderbelly (the giant purple cow) – that means there is a lot happening and it’s a bit hard to keep track. 301 more words

He's totally in a Bromance!!

So for those of you who don’t know a bromance is a nonsexual relationship between 2 guys! Any my boyfriend is defiantly in one!! So how do you know if your boyfriend is in a bromance? 454 more words


Gemmy, You're My Bro!

Scrubs and Psych two of my favorite shows right now.

Both shows feature extremely close friendships between two male protagonists, often dabbling in behavior that seems to defy acceptable  340 more words

7 Signs You Are in a Bromantic Relationship

Ah, the bromance. There have been films about it, people have written songs, and there’s even “BROMANCE” the musical.

For those that don’t know this modern tag (well not exclusively modern- I’m sure cavemen had their bros too… Jesus had 12 bros in fact. 291 more words