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The Heal-Everything Herb That Doubles As Bandages … And Toilet Paper

Written by: Erin Goodin

It was brought to the Americas by European settlers and is now considered to be naturalized to North America. The settlers, in fact, had good reason to carry it with them: It has a long list of medicinal qualities. 523 more words


9 tips for improving air quality in your home

Having bad quality air in your home causes, allergies, asthma or even having frequent headaches.  It can also cause coughing, sore throat, itchy eyes, bronchitis, and colds. 496 more words


Last month there was a 24 hour bug going around.  Be fine, get deathly ill throwing up everywhere all day, then wake up and be fine. 89 more words


Fever Dreams & Cats in Motion

Bronchitis: End of Week 2

Things are getting weird.

But also, things are in motion.

Mixed-media Art

Peppermint-Did You Know?

Did you know Peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart? Peppermint brings happiness, and optimism to the heart and soul. It gives strength to the body, mind and spirit, and reminds us that life can be filled with happiness, and there is nothing to fear. 133 more words

The Did You Know Guy


It’s Week 2 of the latest Bronchitis Bout.  Like bipolar disorder, there’s really nothing new about getting month-long lung crud.  It happens.

Sorta amazing, really, this blasé acceptance of whatever the day brings.   132 more words

Bipolar Disorder