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Nothing to do with teaching

So I’m back again, after how long?  I’m not even going to attempt to work out when I last blogged.

Anyway, I’ve been at home for the past two weeks.   980 more words

Appreciating breathing

I have been absolutely knocked down this week with bronchitis which made my asthma flair up as an added (no frills) bonus.
So I have to nebulise twice a day which means sitting still for 15 minutes, twice a day with a mask on my face doing deep breathing (and no talking).   332 more words


Feeling Betrayed by the Body

“It’s not fair,” I grumbled to several coworkers over the past few weeks. “Not. Fair.”

I have been sick since Christmas. It started as a little catch in my throat, one that made reading more than one book to the kids at bedtime a struggle. 600 more words


Schools closed

I got a message last night that the older kids school would be closed today and tomorrow (Wednesday) for sure and maybe longer. They were closed Monday for the holiday but now the staff and a bunch of the students are sick so they are closing for the next two days as well. 534 more words

Common boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

Common boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

Other common name(s): Thoroughwort, feverwort, crosswort, sweat-plant, agueweed

*Not to be confused with Eupatorium purpureum, AKA purple-flowered boneset, or gravel root. 470 more words

Inflammation And Swelling

Awaiting the Return of Chatty Cathy

I’m writing this Friday at 6:15 p.m. and I’ll have you know it’s pretty much the first time I’ve sat up all day. Yes, friends, I’m sick. 566 more words


PRODUCT REVIEW: Umcka ColdCare Line by Nature's Way

Cold and flu season is in full force upon us…yuck! Have you been afflicted yet? I have and it seems that everyone in my life has… my office, my family, my friends. 937 more words