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Yoga for Cold and Flu

Melissa’s Rap: Being sick is never fun. It can be very draining and exercise is usually the last thing on your mind. But, yoga can be very beneficial when you aren’t feeling well. 1,941 more words


Trolls, Molds and Woman Colds

Well that title is fairly self-explanatory I think. So see you next week.

Just yankin your chain.

This week can be somewhat appropriately represented by these three nouns. 610 more words

Chronic Illness

Herb of the Week "Elderberry"

Hello Friends,

Happy September to all! Folks, it is that subtle and sweet time of the year again. Every now and then, even the gorgeous season of autumn can bring those annoying allergies, coughs, colds and let’s not leave out, the flu. 666 more words


So currently I have Bronchitis. It’s cool, it’s fun, I’m having a Great Time, whatever. My cough has gotten so deep in my chest that even though I definitely have to cough, I’m literally procrastinating coughing because I know I’ll have a coughing fit and I don’t feel like dealing with that right now. 176 more words

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, also know as Tulsi, is aherb that is widely used in India.  It is referred to as  “The Queen of Herbs” for its powerful healing powers.   93 more words

Rock my world

My senses are starting to recover- only to be asulted by the hazards of Mother Nature. As the Eastern states drown, we the Western States – choke on smoke. 147 more words

Blog Posts

Sick & tired of being sick

I feel pretty miserable. It’s the weekend and while everyone else is out running, cycling, visiting friends and family, I’ve been locked up at home, desperately trying to treat a cough and congested nose. 286 more words

My Body