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Contentment v Complacent

I have been know to be complacent from time to time. I get caught in a rut and just coast through my day as best as I can. 559 more words


Panelling the walls.

I am on my way to a convention called Anime Overload to work, like I do at most conventions. I am also doing Another invisible disability panel. 55 more words


44 Girls Reveal The Most Insane Thing A Guy Ever Did To Impress Them

Found on AskReddit.

1. He gave me a little box of chocolates, but he’d already eaten half of them.

“When we were dating my husband bought a little box of chocolates ‘for me,’ but had already eaten half of them because he wanted to try them, too. 4,654 more words

A Quick Post: Ponyfinder

I have been down with a virus for the past week. My 4th of July was spent laying on the couch, reading, sipping water, watching my oldest play… 216 more words

A-kon panel #2

My second A-kon panel was not an easy one. I was part of a group that spoke on invisible diseases and disabilities. I was asked several months before, if I wanted to be a part of it. 825 more words


My Little Pony Fandom Meet Anime Fandom

Check out this discussion video about the differences and similarities between the two fandoms, and lets see where this goes.

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International Archives Day: Archives are Magic

It’s International Archives Day, and the theme is “Archives, Harmony and Friendship.”

A blog post seemed appropriate, but on what subject? As the parent of young children, the theme immediately suggested… 423 more words