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Picking up a med pack.

I am doing better. Thank you all who were concerned. I was running a fever into the 100s and as for the 2 worse days, I don’t have any memory of them. 123 more words


Why Do We Hate Bronies

Brony is basically an insult in America.  Or at least California in general.  It’s a label for gross old men that don’t shave, don’t shower, wear fedoras, and are overall perverted, sometimes even pedophiles, and watch a show meant for children. 599 more words

Running with the animals.

This a teaser for my upcoming blog post “Stealing Joy”. I am out with friends and my family ” running” a 5k through the Fort Worth zoo. 26 more words


Episode 15: "Okay, so a Demisexual, a Heterosexual, & a Furry walk into a Bar..." w/ guest (and Furry friend) "D."

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before”, haha. But yes, as the title suggests we do have a guest on this week and he is a part of the Furry community. 559 more words


Musical Insanity: All the Single Furries!

Part of why I am glad that I keep a very limited tab on what people of the modern age are into is because if I kept a closer tab, I’d want to kill a mother-fucker.  552 more words


Vblog LIVE!!!

I went to go record my vblog yesterday and while at the studio, Producer Towa and I had a brainstorm and decided to do a live show. 33 more words


Review: The Gastropub Bronies, Defence Colony, Delhi

One of the oldest and happening places, Defence Colony, adds one more superb place to its kitty. Bronies Gastropub, where the food sizzles with freshness, makes sure to serve its customers the best. 572 more words