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CONfession: it’s been over one week since I attended BronyCON 2017. I’ve been busy, but it was also a lot to process. My brief affair with brony culture began with so many… 904 more words

Dogfin Episode 91 - The Wacky Fandoms

Thirsty and Jon delve into what can be described as the wacky fandoms. we discuss our best and worst fandoms, we also answer the question that have been sent in. 33 more words

Ponying up for BronyCON

As an eager noob to CON culture, my selection process is somewhat constrained by time, budget, location, and safety at the moment. It is also heavily influenced by a… 475 more words

How to implement a log likelihood test on corpora using Python

Yep, the stats are back this week and they are even better! I took my lunch break to implement the log likelihood ratio that is described in… 248 more words


The "My Little Pony" Full Length Trailer is Finally Here!!!!!!!!!!

By Jen P

Hey, fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, the wait is finally over! Check out the full length trailer above.  52 more words

Jen P

(Watch) Never Judge A Pony By It's Ridiculous Amount of Sparkles

I have so much respect for My Little Pony and the brand and what they’ve promoted to people of all ages and genders and this trailer somehow proves exactly what I’m talking about. 156 more words


Ghost Extends An Olive Branch To The Bronies

During my time off from the True Capitalist Radio show, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things. Recently, I’ve been on this rampage about Bronies, Anime and other cartoon fandom. 342 more words