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My Cat Became a Brony...

…and begged me to tell the world. Although I’m not usually the funny-cat-video type, I have agreed to do this for Rover just this once, since he says he cannot currently remember even a single one of his own passwords, or how to type. 73 more words


Vblog Vol 2

Hopefully James Gunn won’t sue me for using the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 name, but I don’t think I am much of a threat. Yes, I managed to do another stuffed therapy video and it wait months to do it. 16 more words


My personal favourite GIFS. that graced the internet.

This gif. alread starts off weird by featuring two flamboyant square shape men all on their boxers.

At first I was you like “WTF!”.

But then my face change from skeptical, bewilderment, interested then finally in awe. 39 more words


Resolving the Study of Geek, or What to Do When You Become “That Brony Researcher”

By Steven Dashiell

One lesson they teach in a PhD program: think strategically. In most of undergrad (and even masters-level) work, the objective of the student is to “complete the task”. 1,946 more words


My Little Pony Box: November/December 2016 [Subscription Box Review]


I have put November/December in the title of this review, as I received two boxes a couple of days apart and I cannot decipher whether they were sent as a single month or two separate months. 702 more words

Subscription Boxes

#WeCreate: "Truly Customs" #MyLittlePony Customs!

Frankie has been talking about My Little Pony a lot, and she keeps posting all of these pictures about how she restores damaged and bedraggled ponies. 380 more words


A Beginner's Guide To Comic Con

New York Comic Con is probably one of, if not the biggest comic convention on the east coast.  Each year somewhere around early to mid October, comes three to four days of  vendors, cosplayers, and avoiding creepy men holding anime body pillows. 492 more words

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