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Nightmare nights 2016 day 2

I had a short day today. People outside the convention needed my help and I was never able to make it back to the show. I will be back tomorrow (fingers crossed) and I will post more pictures! 8 more words


Apologies post number 1.

This will probably be one of many as life has taken a turn for the busy.

I have started a new retail job (yay?) and it is an overnight position. 254 more words


NEVER: Societal Acceptance of Bronies??? — The Creative Works of James Harrington

Well… I guess being a fantasy writer, this was going to come up eventually. As someone who goes to comic con almost every year, I’m no stranger to seeing grown men carrying MLP stuff around, or perusing MLP artwork tables.

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Hasbro Studios Releases My Little Pony: Legend of Everfree Soundtrack

As My daughter grows older everyday, I kind of miss having her explain the wonders of My Little Pony to me and while I’ve never considered my self a full blown Brony, I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing world that Hasbro has created with My Little Pony. 449 more words

Contentment v Complacent

I have been know to be complacent from time to time. I get caught in a rut and just coast through my day as best as I can. 559 more words


Panelling the walls.

I am on my way to a convention called Anime Overload to work, like I do at most conventions. I am also doing Another invisible disability panel. 55 more words


44 Girls Reveal The Most Insane Thing A Guy Ever Did To Impress Them

Found on AskReddit.

1. He gave me a little box of chocolates, but he’d already eaten half of them.

“When we were dating my husband bought a little box of chocolates ‘for me,’ but had already eaten half of them because he wanted to try them, too. 4,654 more words